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firmabs values


We are FIRM ABS.

We are a brand dedicated to women's fitness apparel, and our core value is to make the world fall in love with fitness. We lead the fitness trend, with our cargo-style collection as our flagship, providing each woman with a unique sports experience.

We believe that fitness is not just a sport but a lifestyle. Whatever your goals may be, FIRM ABS will be your partner, helping you reach new heights. Our mission is to empower women to transcend the limitations of their bodies, explore their potential, and become the best versions of themselves.


firmabs team



Our team comes from various fields, with expertise in design, production, fitness, and fashion. Through creative design and innovative fabric selection, we create garments that combine style and comfort. We consider details and quality to be crucial factors, ensuring that every product perfectly fits the female body and provides unparalleled support and freedom of movement during exercise.

FIRM ABS' brand promise is to exceed your expectations. We not only focus on the appearance and quality of our products but also prioritize building long-lasting relationships with our customers. We listen to your needs, constantly improve and innovate to meet the diverse fitness requirements of different women.



firmabs brand


We were established in 2014. Since then, we have continuously grown, gaining support from a large number of customers, employees, and followers worldwide through innovative design and high-quality products. Our military-inspired collection blends fashion and functionality to meet women's needs for fitness apparel. Whether you're engaged in high-intensity training, yoga, aerobic exercises, or strength training, our products will help you perform at your best.

By choosing FIRM ABS, you choose a lifestyle, a vibrant and confident world. No matter where you are or what your goals may be, we will accompany you on your journey to success. Let's inspire the power of women together and make the world fall in love with fitness.