Lazy Freestyle Workout At Home - Ten Minutes A Day

Even if you spend money to join a gym membership, you will still be lazy to get out of the door. If you belong to this kind of person, you need to use free-hand fitness to save your late stage of lazy cancer.

The 3 major actions taught today can be done in the room and only Simple props!

Freestyle Fitness Training

1. Chair Support
Main training parts: triceps, core muscle groups

First sit on a sturdy chair with your legs slightly bent together and your feet on the ground.
Place your hands about 6 inches from the edge of the chair, move your hips to the front of the chair, keep the abdominal muscles stretched, and keep your head in the center of the chair.
The elbows began to bend below the body position and line up.
When your arms are parallel to the floor, push your body back up.

2. Prostrate
Main training parts: pectoral muscles, shoulders, triceps, back, abdominal muscles

First straighten your hands, put your palms on the ground, support your toes with your toes, and prepare for the posture. At this time, the width of the hands is about the same width as the shoulders, the shoulders are relaxed, the back is straight, the buttocks are pressed down (similar to the buttocks clamping action), and the body torso is kept in a diagonally upward straight line.

When you start to lean forward, keep the torso straight, the elbow bent, and the upper body straight down until the elbow is higher than the back, and then return to the original point.
In the process, the butt must not be upturned in the past (this is a point that most people may ignore). If you want to imagine that your body is a flat board, you must maintain the level of this board throughout the process.

3. Squat
Main training parts: back, hamstrings, thighs

Keep your feet as wide as your shoulders, and hold your hands at chest height.
Bend your knees and hips, keep your chest raised, and keep your spine upright.
Try to balance the thigh with the ground as much as possible, and keep your knees beyond your toes.
Keep the core muscles contracted, with the center of gravity on the heel.
When you squat down, you seem to be sitting on a chair, keeping your weight on your heels.
Maintain your posture for one minute.