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Cargo Fitness Leggings Plus - Black

Higher compression & Stronger elasticity & Super 3D shaping effect


What kind of product is it?

Elevate your workout wardrobe with the Cargo Fitness Leggings Plus, with independently developed functional fabric EXEVER™, which is with higher compression & stronger elasticity & super 3D shaping effect , designed to enhance your performance and sculpt your silhouette.

Experience the transformative power of our strong compression design that targets your abdomen, hips, and legs. These leggings expertly contour your body, lifting your glutes and tightening your waist and stomach, unveiling a more alluring and confident figure.

Crafted from high-elasticity, high-support materials, these leggings provide excellent muscle support. This minimizes vibrations and fatigue during exercise, helping you to push your limits and improve your overall performance.

Our snug-fitting design ensures that the leggings stay securely in place, even during the most intense workouts. Say goodbye to the hassle of constant adjustments and enjoy uninterrupted stability and comfort.

Achieve your fitness goals with the Cargo Fitness Leggings Plus, where performance meets style.

Key features:

- Independently developed functional fabric EXEVER™
- Squat-proof without slipping
- Supportive waistband
- Shrink waist to highlight curve
- Cargo style, be bold, be different
- Butt-lifting design makes your derriere look amazing
- The pockets are perfect for storing your essentials
- Suitable for various occasions, accentuate your body shape
- SKU: F2422L042

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