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Firmabs is a professional gym equipment brand that serves women fitness enthusiasts from all around the world. Every piece of clothing is designed and developed by our in-house team, breaking through the traditional ideas of fitness clothing. Combing function, trend aesthetics, and performance materials, we are on the cutting edge of the future of fitness-fashion. We have created a cost-effective model that lets our customers receive high-quality performance clothing without the high price.

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We are dedicated to solving the needs of women who are active in sports and working out. We put innovative ideas related to sportswear into action from the perspectives of fashion and technology. Promoting fitness, we hope that more women will join the sport. Women should always feel encouraged to join sports and explore active lifestyles.


We are committed to creating a better tomorrow by pioneering fitness and gym wear that blends fashion concepts and fitness function.


Inspire women to be passionate about active lifestyles and sports and encourage self-discipline, self-confidence.