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Articolo: 10 health benefits of running and jogging

health benefits of running and jogging

10 health benefits of running and jogging

Running and jogging is essential for physical or mental fitness. The health benefits of running is not realized on just a single run but by regular attempts. You can combine running and jogging on a daily basis.

1. Strengthening of joints

Running helps your joints to strengthen by strengthening the muscles around them. Similarly, it helps to build your muscle and instill confidence in you. If you are strong, you automatically become confident. This helps you reduce the risk of osteoarthritis, a defect that is known to affect your joints. Jogging also help to keep your spine flexible as you get aged. Within your vertebral column, there exist discs which actually acts as protective pads. These discs are small and flexible but tend to shrink and wear out with time especially at old age. If you practice jogging daily, it helps you to reduce the pressure on these discs and make them more flexible. The impact run 2 in 1 short which has drawcord waistband is best when you are running to achieve this benefit.

running can strength of joints

2. Helps you develop your pancreas

The sugar level of your body is controlled by the pancreas. Running everyday helps your pancreas to develop normally thus producing sufficient insulin in your body. Jogging also helps your body to improve on its insulin resistance. Insulin in your body helps to fight against diabetes. Despite the presence of enough insulin, the cells might not be responding to it to control the blood sugar levels. These cells need some kind of exercise and therefore, running and jogging has been proved to be amongst the best remedies to help them respond to the insulin. It also helps your body to fight against type 2 diabetes and reduce the negative effects of stress. When your mind is subjected to stress, you might end up getting stroke.

3. Skin development

If you have suffered of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema for a long time, running daily can help you to reduce the suffering. It is advisable for you to put on a running short to prevent any uncomfortable chaffing during running. Running early in the morning or late in the evening helps you to reduce the stress levels associated with these skin conditions therefore, this kind of running short is preferable due to its reflective details. These details helps you to be visible in the darkness of either the chilly morning or late nights.

benefits of running and jogging

4. Blood vessels

Your blood vessels ought to be develop at any given time. It helps to reduce blood pressure in your body. Running daily can help your muscles to strengthen and new blood vessels to grow. It also helps to reduce cholesterol levels thus preventing atherosclerosis.

5. Bone formation

If running is part of your daily routine, it helps your body to reduce the chance of getting osteoporosis condition. Strong and high density bones are not affected by this condition and can only be attained if you run daily.

6. Brain

Stress, anxiety and depression are known to affect your brain functioning. Your brain can only escape this defects if you run daily thus reducing chances of getting dementia and stroke. Sleeping also helps to boost the concentration, memory, and motivation to your brain. Jogging also help you to cope with depression. Cortisol is a hormone that is known to cause depression if their level is elevated. With daily jogging, you can manage the levels of this hormone thus avoiding depression at all costs.

7. Breast and womb development

Your breast is at high risk of getting cancer. Daily running helps to prevent this risk by 25 percent and if you already have it, the chances of it recurring is reduced by 40 percent.

Similarly, your womb is prone to getting endometrial cancer. Running and jogging is all what you need to reduce this risk by at least 50 percent.

benefits of running everyday

8. Lungs and liver disease prevention

Asthma is known to affect your lungs mostly. The respiratory muscles and lung capacity can be strengthened by daily running. Muscles are always present between you ribs and the diaphragm. Fatty livers" is associated with liver disease and when in severe condition, it can also lead to liver cirrhosis. You can manage this condition by running covering long distance on a daily basis. The best running short for you is the impact run fitted short whose waists are not high enabling you to cover the long distance of even up to half marathon.

9. Sexual organs

Apart from the fact that you are relaxed, confident, and your brain is chemically active, running and jogging can be incorporated as a daily routine to help increase your libido. Overweight in women is always associated with polycystic ovaries. The physical and psychological boost to help curb the condition can be achieved through daily running. It also helps your body to eradicate the pre-menstrual tension.

10. Develop your heart, eyes, and bowels

You can manage your blood pressure, cholesterol level, and body weights to help reduce heart diseases. This can only be achieved at rate of 35 percent by regular running. Glaucoma is a disease that can affect your eyes. The first available remedy is to run daily to reduce the internal pressure of your eye by 25 percent thus preventing you from getting blind. Jogging also helps you reduce the risk of getting bowel cancer by half, and also relieve you from the irritable bowel syndrome.


Researches have been conducted to proof on the health benefits of running. You are also advised to spare time daily to make a little jogging if you cannot manage to run. A good run can be achieved if you have the best attire. Purchasing one of the best running shorts is preferable for it creates comfort during the act. You can try to manage your body conditions and you shall realize that running is always good for you. Run today to improve your health and make the difference!


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