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Articolo: 5 Tips After Exercise & Workout

5 tips after exercise

5 Tips After Exercise & Workout

Do you take time to eat well after exercise? If not, you may cancel all the hard work you've been working at the gym.

You see, your body's glycogen reserves will be exhausted in order to provide you with fuel for exercise during exercise.

It is important to restore the body's glycogen after exercise because it is a key factor in recovery after exercise. This is even more critical when your body can return to a state of catabolism, known as muscle consumption, after long, intense training. So, in order to restore glycogen, you need to eat after you go to the gym and pay attention to what you eat.

Fortunately, we have some post-exercise nutrition tips to help you find the right meal after exercise. Remember these tips, every time you go to the gym, you will look great, feel great, and all your efforts will soon be rewarded!


First of all, it is important to have snacks or meals at the right time after exercise. After you finish your exercise, your body's ability to rebuild glycogen and protein has actually improved. That's why you eat carbohydrates and protein shortly after exercise, which we'll talk about later.

The thing is, you don't have to eat immediately after you leave the gym. You just want to make sure you eat something that nourishes and replenishes your body within 45 minutes. However, if you eat something shortly before exercise, you may be able to wait a little longer to enjoy the hospitality after exercise. You'd better not wait more than two hours before eating. Making wise choices about your food can help you see results faster.

Before exercising, you should wear comfortable, sweat-absorbing, and breathable fitness clothes, which can protect your muscles to a certain extent.


What do you want to eat after the exercise? Carbohydrates. The reason for this is that your body's glycogen storage is used as fuel to keep you moving during exercise. You can supplement them by eating complex carbohydrates after exercise.

To make sure you get enough carbohydrates, you need to eat 0.5 kilos and 0.7 grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight. You need to finish the exercise within 45 minutes after the exercise is over. This is important because it contributes to the correct re-synthesis of glycogen. Not only that, eating carbohydrates and protein at the same time can also stimulate insulin secretion, which in turn can also promote glycogen synthesis.

If you are looking for some good sources of healthy carbohydrates to eat, you can try quinoa, oats, sweet potatoes, milk or rice. Some people even swear to drink chocolate milk after exercise, so this is something you can try.

5 tips after workout


Your muscles are important, which is why you don't want to eat only carbohydrates after exercise. You also need to eat some protein so that you can repair and exercise your muscles at the end of the gym. The reason is that exercise leads to the rapid decomposition of muscle protein.

Of course, the extent of this collapse will depend on the exercise you do and your own level of training. However, it is still important to eat the right amount of protein to supplement the body after training. This provides your body with a large number of amino acids needed to rebuild muscle protein. It will also be a key factor in helping you build new muscle tissue so that you can become strong and fit in the future.

But how much protein do you need? It is recommended to consume 0.14 kilograms and 0.23 grams of protein per pound of body weight after exercise. This will help your body recover so that you can exercise your muscles and stay slim.

You can turn to a lot of protein sources after exercise. You can consider preparing a special high-protein meal. 

Organic grass-fed red meat is a good choice because it is high in protein. If there is no local butcher shop in your area, there are some meat delivery services, such as the butcher's box (Butcher Box), which allows you to get high-quality meat. You can also make yourself a milkshake with protein powder, or prepare a meal that includes salmon, tuna, chicken or eggs. These are good sources of protein that can help you repair your body after strenuous exercise and prepare you for your next gym class.


In addition to food, one of the most beneficial nutritional tips you can't ignore after exercise is to stay hydrated. This should come as no surprise, but sometimes it is ignored.

Because you sweat during exercise and excrete water and electrolytes, you need to replenish your body as soon as possible after exercise to help you recover. If you have a fairly strenuous exercise, you can consider drinking an electrolyte drink. Although there are many choices of sports drinks, many of them contain a lot of sugar. You can always add a little salt and sugar to a glass of water to make your own dishes.


If you are a caffeine drinker, we have some good news for you. It may be wise to have a drink after exercise! Why? Studies have shown that when you drink it before exercise, it can increase muscle strength and strength. However, it can also increase your metabolism and reduce muscle soreness after exercise.


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