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Articolo: 5 Workouts to Relieve Stress

exercises for stress relief

5 Workouts to Relieve Stress

When we asked you girls if you wanted your Summer Tone Up extended, we heard a resounding YES! And some of the reasons we kept hearing were: community, accountability, and the power of a good sweat to relieve stress. There was no question we wanted more time with each of you, and we’re so glad you felt the same way.

Sticking to a workout routine in times of uncertainty and stress can do your mind and body good. Research even shows that exercise can help us bounce back from emotional stress and battle depression. And moving together as a community is even that much more uplifting, isn’t it?

So let’s glow with the flow! To help you choose the perfect workout to re-center and de-stress, we asked your gorgeous Tone It Up app trainers to share their faves. From Karena’s heart-opening flow to Tori’s endorphin-boosting dance sesh, these TIU app workouts are here for you in your time of need. Sending you all the love babe! A sexy sports bra not only can support a variety of high-intensity exercises, but also make you the focus of the gym.

5 Workouts Your TIU Trainers Do to Relieve Stress

Stef’s Pick: “Balanced Babe” with Chevy

“This total-body yoga flow moves in a sequence that grounds me and challenges me. With each movement, I feel my core stabilize the rest of my body,” says Stef. “As we begin to flow from one posture to the next, I noticeably feel my breath through my entire body begin to release stress.” 

The good-for-you vibes don’t end there - Chevy has an incredible message, too. “I love it when Chevy encourages us to ‘feel strong, and powerful, and balanced like the fierce babes we are.’ So motivating!”

workouts for reducing stress

Ariel’s Pick: “Cardio Glow” with Tori

“I love this workout’s fusion of cardio and dance,” says Ariel. “It not only helps release endorphins, but also gets me moving and grooving in a fun way. A double stress-relieving win!” Ari’s favorite move? The side-to-side booty pops - oh and when Tori sings “Man, I feel Like a Woman,” because who can resist smiling to that song?

“Movement is an amazing tool for kicking that stress to the curb,” Ari adds. “Taking the time to move your body daily will boost your mood, build your resilience to stress, and pump up those feel-good endorphins!”

Chyna’s Pick: “Heart Opening Flow” with Karena

“Karena’s soothing guidance through the workout is so calming for me,” says Chyna. “I also love how much it emphasizes opening the chest and heart. It is really symbolic for me and I can feel a mind-body connection. It’s almost as if those heart-opening poses allow space for any worry, fear, or anxiety to be released.”

Chyna also points out how important it is to listen to your body when you’re stressed to determine what your body needs. “If it means taking a few days off of high-intensity to focus on breathing and yoga flows, that’s amazing,” she says. “If it means amping up those HIIT workouts to sweat out that stress, that is perfect too! Whatever you do, be sure to avoid comparison and simply focus on what your body, mind, and soul need right now.”

Tori’s Pick: “Summer Sculpt Yoga” with Kat

“I love that this workout incorporates calming yoga flows paired with weight work to help me sweat out my stress while moving with intention and breath,” says Tori. “I also love that Kat ends the class with this uplifting mantra: ‘You are brilliant, you are beautiful, you are kind and there is so much magic inside of you…the world needs to see how great you are.’ These words help me start or end my end on a positive note with amazing energy.”

It’s that connection to breath that allows Tori to tune out from the world and shut her mind off for a few minutes a day. “Connecting to my breath brings me back to myself and reminds me to stay in the present moment and slow down,” she says.

Chevy’s Pick: “Cardio Quickie” with Stef

“Stef always makes me feel so good,” says Chevy. “She has such a fun, quirky personality. She makes me feel super strong, kicks my booty, and makes me sweat like a beast!” 

Chevy’s message for anyone stuck in a rut or feeling down or off today? “Whenever you’re feeling stressed, whenever you’re feeling anxious, know that it’s in your power to turn your day around. You have the power to change your mindset. Take a deep breath and commit to moving and feeling strong in your own skin.” Remember, you are stronger than you know. We’re in this together babe!


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