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Articolo: Best fitness gifts for people

fitness gifts

Best fitness gifts for people

Choosing the best gift for a woman is difficult until you discover her hobbies or the things she loves to do. If she is someone who prefers running shoes over stilettos, or someone who prefers treadmill over baking tools, well you will already have an idea on what to gift her.

However, buying the best fitness gifts for gym lovers or fitness enthusiasts can be tricky because in most cases, they already have everything they need. But don't lose hope because this article will help you to find the perfect fitness gifts for gym lovers.

Wide Yoga Mat

Give her a little extra space in doing different types of yoga. This would add comfort in her yoga sessions as it gives the distance she needs to extend comfortably in executing different yoga poses. Surely, she would be excited starting the new year with a new yoga mat. To make it unique and to give it a personal touch, you might want to give her a personalized yoga with her name written on it.

Workout/Fitness Journal

Make her more motivated and productive using a workout/fitness journal. Find her a journal that consists of inspirational tips and messages, workout plan and activity tracker. According to studies, someone is 42% more likely to achieve his/her goals when he/she writes them down. This will also help her reflect her progress from the past week and make her look forward to new goals for the week ahead.

From short-term to long-term fitness and wellness planners, there are many choices to choose from. The fitness journal also provides review and tracking pages to help her note the developments and those that need improvement.

workout journal is a good fitness gift

Gym Backpack

Look for a all-for-one backpack to carry her gym clothes, water bottle, toiletries and other gym essentials. Choose the backpack that has multipurpose compartments to give extra storage for the other things she needs. Also, look for something that has stylish and versatile design that she can also use on outdoor activities or when travelling. You might opt to gift her a tote bag that does not only carry her things, but she can also use as a fashionable weekender bag or an overnighter tote.

Execise Band Loops

These are perfect workout equipment for home or even gym workout as it can be used for extreme workout without the bulk. The exercise band loops are the most comfortable and portable fitness essential. This band loops do not take a lot of space and are easy to pack, but it would give her effective full body workout. These also come with various colors, sizes, and intensities to which all can withstand different amounts of force.

gifts for gym lovers: exercise band loop

Wireless Headphones/Airpods

Make her workout much more fun without hassle with wireless headphone/airpods. This is a must-have workout accessory that will make a soundtrack to her path to fitness. It will keep her energized and do her workout routine comfortably without restricting her movement in any way. In choosing the best headphones for her, you might consider different features, such as those that are sweat/rain-proof, have long battery life and those with good sound.

Sports Bra

Every fitness enthusiast owns one good sports bra, that's for sure. However, that doesn't mean that sports bra must be slashed from the list of the best fitness gifts for active women. A good sports bra can take her fitness journey into next level as it makes her comfortable and stylish at the same time.

sports bra is a good fitness gift

Collapsible Bottle and Motivation Water Bottle

"Burn those fats, but stay hydrated"- that's the best motto for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. A collapsible bottle is perfect for someone who's on-the-go but wants to pack light. This bottle won't take a lot of space in her gym bag as it can be smashed into half in size. It also comes in different colors and designs that would match her amazing personality.

A motivational bottle is also a good option to keep her reminded on the importance of being hydrated. For sure, she will never get thirsty in between reps with the help of markers and encouraging words printed in the water bottle.

Running Belt with Pockets

She can easily slide her phone, keys, water bottle and other essentials in this running belt with pockets. This is perfect for distance runners and for those who want to have a hands-free workout. Choose those that are made with water-resistant materials to keep her things dry from sweat and rain. Aside during workouts, she can also use the running belt with pockets for storing her valuable materials when she is attending large crowd events.

Workout Leggings

Aside from the popular sports bra, every workout enthusiast has her own pair or collection of training tights in her wardrobe. It is the most convenient outfit for working out and adding to her collection will inspire her to workout more. She might want to have printed and vibrant-colored leggings that would stand out from her collection of leggings with basic colors.

workout leggins are good gift for gym lover


Who wouldn't get excited receiving a new pair of sneakers? Running sneakers can take her many miles. These are perfect not only when hitting the gym, but also for long walks, hiking, cycling and other outdoor activities. Get her a sleek and chic pair which can be partnered with her coordinating sets. She would appreciate it more if the sneakers have a good mix of style, durability and comfort which can be used both on workout session or on casual days. Remember, you can never go wrong with a good pair of sneakers.

Whether she spends a lot of time at the gym or she just started working out, surely she will get excited to any of the gift suggestions above. An active woman has her own goals she is trying to meet, but whatever it is, we can help her achieve those goals by supporting her and giving her thoughtful gifts she can use. You should not worry because whatever you give to her, she will appreciate it , coz after all, it's the thought that counts.


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