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Articolo: Can yoga replace strength training?

yoga or strength training

Can yoga replace strength training?

No, yoga cannot replace strength training, but you can use it as a strength training exercise and practice some yoga to build your muscles. Yoga is a broad concept, and it can contribute to both the physical and mental health of fitness enthusiasts. However, when the objective is muscle building, it is better to combine both to get fast and lasting results. While going through the following yoga vs strength training article, you will realize that both can be effective for muscle building. But both will offer different benefits, and you can achieve specific fitness goals.

Is Yoga Enough for Strength Training?

Yoga focuses on the mind, body, and overall strength. Many think that yoga is a balanced approach to practice strength training since it can enable you to sit, bend, walk, and lift. It can help to build your muscles, but weight training can isolate one muscle group at a time.

Like weight training, you will have to lift your weight while practicing different postures in yoga. Therefore, you can expect some strength training benefits. But when the objective is to isolate a particulate area of your body, yoga cannot be the answer. You will have to combine both to bring optimal results.


  • Yoga will improve your balance by strengthening your knee, hip, and ankle muscles.
  • Yoga will develop body awareness and enable you to focus on different areas, including core engagement, breathing, and alignment.
  • Yoga will build your isometric strength and deeper muscle fibers. As a result, you can increase your muscle endurance and boost your joint health. Both can help in weight training.
  • Yoga focuses on mobility and supports a range of motions.
  • Yoga will support fast recovery from your workouts. It will enable your nervous system, muscles, and joints to recover fast.
  • You will not get injuries while practicing yoga.


  • Yoga will target your core and lower body, not your upper body.
  • Yoga can help with muscle endurance, but it cannot build maximum strength.
  • Yoga alone will not offer resistance like strength training, and it might not be sufficient for whole-body strength training.

Weight training

In yoga vs weight training, yoga can shape your body and boost your mental health, but weight training will contribute to your muscles. It is the best way to increase strength, build muscles, and transform your body composition. You will find weight lifting workouts challenging, and you will have to put more effort into weight training, and also, the recovery will take time.


  • Strength training will increase the size of muscles and help with more strength.
  • Strength training can be the best to promote muscle and bone health.
  • Strength training will make you strong and enable you to perform physical activities at ease.
  • Weight lifting is more than simple exercises and can be the best for muscle building and targeting separate muscle groups.


  • You will need experts' guidance to practice weight lifting since any wrong posture can result in adverse effects.
  • The risk of injuries will be more.
  • You will have to invest in equipment.

Yoga vs Weight Training, Which Is Better for Building Muscle?

The answer might not be straightforward since both can enable you to achieve your fitness goals. Both have pros and cons, but they can complement each other and support your fitness journey. Here are the situations when you can choose yoga or weight training.

When to Choose Yoga?

You can choose yoga when the objective is endurance, not muscle building. You can achieve strength gain, muscle growth, and stress-relief benefits with yoga practices. But yoga alone might not build muscles.

Moreover, you will have to understand the difference between endurance and strength. If you train your strength, you can increase your muscle size. But if you train endurance, you can boost your muscle efficiency, and it will decrease your muscle size.

As yoga offers endurance, you cannot build muscles with yoga postures. Even if you try different yoga postures, you cannot expect more benefits since you will have to practice within your body weight.

When to Choose Weight Training?

You can choose weight training when your goal is muscle building. Strength training is the best for muscle building, and you will have the option to challenge your strength and achieve more with regular practice.

Strength training will enable you to load muscles with the right amount of tension, facilitating your muscle growth. You will have to focus on those exercises that can support your fitness goal. You can engage more muscle fibers, recruit neighboring muscles, and build muscles.

You will gain muscles when your existing muscle breaks down, and your body repairs your muscles and adds more to them. However, you will not get this benefit while practicing strength training since your body repairs your muscles during the recovery.

Muscle tension will have a determining role in muscle growth. You will have to put more stress than your body's usual strength to grow your muscles. During your weight training, you can add more weight and increase the amount of rep to get muscle growth benefits. However, you cannot add more load while practicing yoga since you will have to work only with your body weight.

Yoga is different from weight training, and you cannot expect all the benefits of strength training from yoga. You can combine weight lifting and breath work to balance your mobility And strength and achieve physical and mental wellbeing. But when it comes to muscle building, weight training is more effective. In brief, yoga can build your muscles through strength and endurance, but you can expect more benefits with weight training.

Wrapping It Up

You can be healthier by practicing yoga, but if your objective is muscle building, you will have to focus on strength training. You can combine yoga and strength training to get body flexibility, endurance, and muscle-building benefits. Explore both areas and choose the one you enjoy more, and embrace it for a lifetime.


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