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Articolo: 8 essential everyday exercise to relieve pain

exercise to relieve pain

8 essential everyday exercise to relieve pain

We are all in the midst of a pandemic and have been constantly working from our homes. Since we have to sit in one similar position for hours straight it happens that our body starts aching. We are so stressed out with our busy schedules, looking after the kids and whatnot that our body has to suffer the effects of it. This article is going to cover 8 exercises that will help you in reducing body pain. Do any one exercise to relieve pain.


Yoga is a full package of both mind and body exercise. It utilizes the combination of mediation, breath control and stretching that help strengthen your muscles. The thing that makes yoga different from all the other exercises out there is that it gives a lot of importance to mental health as much as it pays to physical fitness. By building strength, relieving muscle tension, strengthening bones and joints and improving flexibility, yoga helps in bringing your body into balance which in turn alleviates body pain. Thus the therapeutic benefits that yoga provides are not restricted to physical fitness but also include mental fitness.

It is better if you put your yoga pants on as they keep the airflow in check and do not let your body heat up while you perform the exercise to relieve pain.

yoga can relieve body pain


Due to lack of physical activity, your body may experience increased muscular weakness, injury, pain and fatigue. The overall weight of the spinal muscles can also decrease. Walking is a great workout to reduce pain. Walking assists in opening up blood vessels which increase the nutrients and oxygen supply to the muscles. It even helps in flushing out toxins from your body and increases flexibility. Walking every day for half an hour helps in increasing endurance, strength and improving heart health. If you are not able to walk for greater periods then start small and after some time increase the time period.


Swimming is a good exercise to relieve pain. It is very good for your spine and is easy on your back. Swimming has no or very little effect on the structure of your spine. This is so as the water provides support to your body. In addition, buoyancy helps in relieving the stress on all of the joints of your body. When less gravity impacts your joints your limbs and spin expands and relieves the pain. Swimming serves to be a great exercise if you have pain in your joints, back and musculoskeletal pain. It doesn't matter if you perform a slow stroke, move about with the help of a float, perform water aerobics or tread water, all of them are quite beneficial for you.

swiming can reduce pain


Biking puts less pressure on the spine than numerous other forms of high-impact workouts. Biking does not particularly fortify the core body muscles - the back muscles and abdominals - which a number of specialists feel are a basic component of avoiding and easing lower back pain. Since cycling is a low-impact workout, it exerts less stress on the weight-bearing joints of your body.

This includes your knees, feet and hips. Cycling also helps in improving the extent of movement of your knees, thus if you have both stiffness and pain, your bicycle will help make things easier for you.


Pilates is an especially great exercise for individuals suffering from back pain. Pilates is crafted to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and deep abdominal muscles that are the support providers of your back. If these muscles become weak your back is more prone to injuries. Thus Pilates helps in reducing back pain and body pain to a great extent and also establishes core stability. The positions that you have to perform while doing pilates are quite effective in relieving your pain.

pilates exercise to relieve pain

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a mind-body workout treatment, and is regularly utilized to oversee chronic pain conditions. Amid Tai Chi works out, slow movement and weight moving help in improving musculoskeletal quality and joint soundness. Concentration and Meditation help in balancing multiple angles of wellbeing including functions of the nervous system and immune system and your mood as well. A few trials have recorded that Tai Chi illustrated positive impacts on chronic pain. Thus Pilates is a good workout to reduce pain.

Strength training

Strength training has many benefits that are way past bulking up. It improves your metabolism, strength, decreases blood pressure, assists you in having a sound sleep and prevents disease. There's moreover proof to demonstrate that strength and weight workouts can really offer assistance in diminishing back pain. This is not all. Strength training's mental pros incorporate destroying stress, controlling depression and boosting self-confidence. Chronic pain can discourage you from performing strenuous activities. It helps in building the muscles of your back and keeping your spin in the right position.

strength training


Sitting all day in one position tends to make your body stiff and then cause pain. Thus it is recommended to take breaks and stretch in between so that the pain goes away. There are numerous positive aspects to regular stretching. Stretching assists in increasing your body's flexibility, improving your posture, helps in getting rid of body pain and stress and much more. By consolidating 5 - 10 minutes of static and dynamic stretches into your day by day workout, you'll be able to increase your movements and also bring peace to your mind.


Whichever workout you select, the most important thing is being consistent. Some days you'll experience more pain while exercising. This is completely normal. When such a thing happens just work out with a little less intensity, or maybe try some other exercise. If the pain is unbearable you may take the day off.

Just keep at it and slowly and gradually you'll become habitual of exercising and the pain will go away!


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