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Articolo: Full body workout routine

bodyweight workout routine

Full body workout routine

If you want to work out different muscle groups and improve your physique, you'll need to have a full-body workout routine that involves boosting your stamina. You'll need to find different types of exercises to perform to burn fat and tone your muscles. If you want to find the most effective workout routines, there are a few exercises to practice throughout the week to achieve your desired results.

Benefits of a Full-body Workout

1. Maximize Calorie Burn

Full-body workouts are effective because they can allow you to burn more calories in less time, making it easier to get results quicker. You can have a time-efficient way of exercising to ensure you can work it within your busy schedule without spending hours in the gym. More oxygen is provided to working muscles when major muscle groups work together during compound exercises compared to when you only perform single-joint exercises.

2. Increase Your Muscle Mass

Full-body workout routines can allow you to target different types of muscle groups up to three times each week for more muscle growth. You'll begin to see the results after a few weeks.

3. Boost Your Flexibility

Training the entire body and treating it like a unit will allow you to simulate those muscle groups in a single workout instead of two or three separate workouts throughout the week. You'll start to train your muscles to become more flexible to reduce the risk of injuries that occur while working out.

The Best Full-Body Exercises


If you're looking for a beginner workout, Calisthenics is a great option that is increasing in popularity. It can allow you to obtain a muscular physique and can form your fitness routine. You can also do it anywhere, making it easier to stay physically active while on them without spending time in a gym.

Calisthenics involves EMOM, which allows you to choose the types of movement with the total time. Get 10 to 15-minute breaks with each round. Tabata is also included, which involves high-intensity interval training and will allow you to feel the burn. This is a great option if you're looking for something that offers a challenge.

When practicing Calisthenics, change the order of your workouts to keep it interesting and work on different areas of your body. This will help you to stay interested in this type of full-body workout routine in the coming months and years. It's also important to keep the workout to less than an hour to avoid boosting too much of your catabolic hormone cortisol. Brief, intense workouts are proven to be more effective and will be useful in increasing your natural testosterone levels.


If you enjoy lifting, deadlifts are a great type of exercise that requires hip-hinge movement that can help you work towards building the posterior chain. You can include it in different types of workouts and should perfect it to reduce the risk of injuries.

If you're starting out, try the trap bar deadlift, which is easier to perform because it puts you in an upright lifting position. A trained professional can also help you to improve your form and maintain your posture to remain safe and perfect deadlifts. This is a great alternative to a traditional deadlift because it can allow you to feel more confident and comfortable.

Barbell back squats will also yield impressive results as a lower body exercise that elicits high quadriceps activation. It will also work out your glutes and other types of muscles on the lower part of your body. You can expect to feel the strain in your quadriceps and glutes after a few reps.


Burpees are known to be challenging and require jumping down from a standing position to the floor while keeping your thighs straight out and parallel to the floor. Kick both of your feet back without bending your arms. Each time you land, squat into the next rep and keep going until you start to feel the burn in your muscles. You'll need to strengthen your core to prevent your hips from sagging while kicking your feet backward.

Drinking a protein shake following your workout will help replenish your glycogen during the recovery process.

It's also important to wear the proper attire while working out different body parts. If you need to work out your legs, opt for wearing FIRM ABS cargo leggings, which won't interfere with your movement and will feel like a second skin. The breathable material will also help you to stay cooler to ensure you can work out harder and longer during your full-body workouts.

A fitted, stretchy top will also allow you to remain flexible. Avoid wearing anything too loose while weight lifting or using gym equipment, which can cause the material to get caught in different items you're holding.

full body workouts


One of the best upper-body exercises that continue to remain popular is pull-ups, which help to strengthen and shape your back. You'll start to feel a few main muscles start to work, which includes the lower traps, teres major, biceps brachii, and mid-traps. Start with performing 10 to 12 pull-ups at a time before attempting to progress to performing more pull-ups.

If you have difficulty attempting a straight pull-up, you can try a few other variations that will also be effective. Opt for machine pull-ups, slow negative pull-ups, and band-assisted pull-ups. You can try these exercises for a few weeks before you attempt to perform a straight pull-up to achieve even better results over time.

Once you create a few workout plans to try out, it can be easier to stay motivated with your fitness routine and improve your health and well-being. You'll not only develop more muscle tone but can boost your energy levels the more consistently you work out each week.

Full Body Workout Routine

Week 1: Full-body Training Split

You can work out the entire body by training one body part with each workout performed. You should have a rest day in-between each training day to ensure your muscles can recover and to avoid injuries. This workout includes basic moves like free-weight movements, which can help you to achieve more gains.

There should be three sets of exercises in each workout routine. Aim for eight to 12 reps for every set.

Week 2: Upper and Lower Body

Use some of the same exercises from the first week of your workout routine. Set aside four days to work out throughout the second week. Train each body part two times. If you're working out the chest, perform two exercises. Add an additional exercise to each muscle group you work out to increase your stamina and performance.

Week 3: Legs, Push-ups, Pull-ups

This week, you can focus on training the back and biceps on the first day. On the second and third days, focus on the glutes, calves, quads, and hamstrings. Each body part should be trained to times.

You can have even more angles by adding at least one exercise to every routine for improved development of your muscles. You should have 16 sets throughout the week for your larger areas of the body and 12 sets for smaller body parts.

Work 4: Full body

This week, you can work out a total of four days with four-day splits to ensure you tone every body part at least once. This will allow you to train at a greater volume and give each muscle group more attention. You'll only want to train two to three body parts with each workout. You can also add more sets to every type of exercise to boost your progression.


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