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Articolo: Functional training vs bodybuilding

functional training vs bodybuilding

Functional training vs bodybuilding

Getting into shape has never been easy. Most people do not like to work out but the fact that they are becoming fat or obese later forces them to work out. After making up their mind, the most difficult job is to decide what type of training program and diet they should start following to get the best results in the least amount of time. People generally get confused between functional training and bodybuilding. However, it is important to understand that exercise is not just to get in good shape but also helps in improving an individual's lifestyle.

There are numerous fitness programs that can help a person get into shape but it also depends a lot on their body types. A lot of people also think that bodybuilding is a great option but they are later unable to cope up with the bodybuilding program as their bodies do not support the kind of extensive training. Building muscles can be done by doing various activities as well like basketball or karate. Here is an article about functional training vs bodybuilding that will help you understand both these fitness programs better.

Functional Training

Functional training or fitness is the type of exercise that helps in training your body's muscles to work hand in hand so that they can prepare to do the daily work or general tasks that include common movement that can be done at home. In other words, functional training is an exercise that generally looks like normal movements that you do in your day-to-day life. It helps in the prevention of common injuries and can make you fit.

Functional training increases your core strength and also tones your lower and upper body muscles. These exercises can be simply done at the comfort of your home or even in a gym. The functional exercises can generally include exercises like push-ups, squats, jump squats, bodyweight squats, lunges, stepping exercises, jumping, crunches, walking lunches, planks, movement exercises, and also balance exercises.

All These exercises focus particularly one muscle area on another and help in toning them and also increases your muscles strength and core strength at the same time. For instance, doing a squat is almost like picking up an object from the ground. So these functional training exercises focus on movements that you generally do daily and improve them so you can perform better in various situations. A lot of Gyms also have functional training classes. They offer high-level fitness training and functional training and use weights and fitness balls for the workout sessions.

Benefits Of Functional Training

Functional training is proven to help numerous people get in shape and has provided them with fast and great results. Here are a few benefits of functional training.

  • Improves Lifestyle: This type of training can be highly beneficial for people who do not want to go for extensive training but also want to be fit. For instance, it can help elderly people to get up from their seats if they do bodyweight squats to help them stand easily.
  • Time Efficient: The best thing about functional training is that it is very time Efficient mainly for weight loss and fitness than just focusing on one particular muscle at one time. It can help you burn a lot of calories and can tone your body in no time.
  • Improves Body Coordination And Balance: This type of training can help in improving the body balance and also the working of various body parts smoothly. This can help in better coordination between muscles so that they can work together better.
  • Prevents Injuries: Most of the injuries generally take place because of wrong techniques and for uncomfortable clothes as well. It is very important to wear comfortable clothes while doing functional training. FIRM ABS sportswear can be a great option when doing functional training. Also, functional training mainly focuses on daily movements that can also help in reducing the risk of daily injuries like picking up objects that are heavy and picking them up correctly.

functional training


Bodybuilding is a type of fitness program that uses progressive resistance movements and exercises to develop muscles and also control them. It mainly focuses on one muscle at one time and tones it. It also focuses a lot on the appearance of the muscle and burns calories. Bodybuilding generally uses a lot of equipment like weights, dumbbells, kettlebells, foam roller, skipping rope, power tower, indoor rower, exercise ball, bench press, and so on. Along with this, the intake of protein supplements is also very important in bodybuilding which helps in building the muscles.

Benefits Of Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has a huge impact on the body and has numerous benefits as well. Here are a few benefits of Bodybuilding.

  • Improves Physical and Mental Health: Bodybuilding is said to improve not only physical health and muscles but also improves an individual's mental health. Weightlifting and acrobatics are said to help in the reduction of daily stress, tension, and boost self-esteem.
  • Reduces Stress: Stress and tension is a huge issue in the present day. Bodybuilding can help in reducing stress and tension. Not only this but it is also said that weight training can help in reducing depression and anxiety as well.
  • Improves Nutrition: Healthy eating is the key to healthy living. Bodybuilding requires a lot of protein and nutrition which helps in the betterment of the body. Food items like meat, fruits, and vegetables are highly essential in Bodybuilding and can help make a person more healthy. It can also help in increasing the metabolism of an individual.
  • Helps In Developing Motor Control: Bodybuilding can help in improving motor control which is very important on any workout plan which is the base for various types of exercises.

Functional Training Vs Bodybuilding

Before debating about which is better than which one it is critical to understand that fitness is just not about having good muscles and looking great. There is a lot more to fitness than just this. Fitness is important in our lives and it improves our way of living. It is also important to understand that every individual has a particular body type and the same type of training may not be suitable for two different individuals.

Bodybuilding is a lot about making your muscles highly toned and it also focuses a lot on the appearance of the muscles. The bodybuilding program focuses on one muscle at one time which is a lot more time taking. On the other hand, functional training is more about improving daily movements. It focuses on the body as a whole and tries to improve the body movements and also builds muscles with exercises that are a lot similar to your daily movements.

Functional training mainly focuses on an individual's ability to be involved in various sports and movements like running, jumping, swimming. It uses very general exercises like planks, lunges, push-ups, and crunches to make a person fit and healthy. It also helps in losing weight and burning calories. Bodybuilding on the other hand focuses more on strength. The movement in Bodybuilding is a lot more complex that focuses on one muscle at a time. Muscle mass is gained with bodybuilding.

However, it is important to understand that not everybody can cope up with these training methods and few people might get better results from functional training and few may get better results from bodybuilding. Functional training can be a good option if you just want to be fit and healthy and bodybuilding can be a good option if you want to get highly ripped and toned muscles and an intense muscle appearance.

Final Words

Bodybuilding and functional training are two completely different types of training methods. One focuses on daily movements and targets the body as a whole and the other targets each body part and muscle individually. Bodybuilding can be very intense whereas functional training is more about fitness through daily movements and general exercises. However, it is important to understand that each body type is different and unique.

Bodybuilding can suit a particular body type and some other body types may not be able to cope up with the intense workout. Similar functional training is a lot easier and faster at the same time but it also does not focus on the muscle appearance and focuses on the core strength more. So be careful while choosing a training program.


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