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Articolo: How to dress to workout in cold weather?

how to dress to workout in cold weather

How to dress to workout in cold weather?

Just because it's chilling outside doesn't mean that you should stop working out. In fact, during cold seasons (winter), you should work out more than you work out during hot seasons. Studies conducted have shown that most people gain at least 2-5kgs in cold seasons due to reduced exercise, too much sleep, and the excessive foods we eat during winter holidays.

So, if you are wondering on how dress to workout in cold weather, then you have searched on the right article as we got you fully covered. We walk you through the essential clothing you must put on before heading out for any of the outdoor activities that will help you burn off some extra calories.

1. Headgear or headwear

It is essential that you cover your head (face, neck) to prevent yourself from getting frostnip (a mild form of frostbite). Below are some of the headgears that you can put on during your workout routine(s) in cold weather.

  • Invest in a winter beanie hat that has strappings-the strappings help prevent your hat from falling while working out.
  • Balaclava - if you are not a hat fan, then a Balaclava is a good fit for you. This essential cold-weather workout headgear covers your entire head and neck leaving only your eyes and nose exposed.
  • Neck gaiter - This is a type of scarf or sleeve that goes around your neck.
  • Headband(s) - this ingenious invention will not only leave you looking stylish but will also keep your ears and head warm. It also allows heat to escape from the top of your head during your workout session(s).
  • Running hat - if you want to keep the snow out of your face or eyes in particular as well as stay warm, then a lightweight, easy to wash and dry running hat will do the trick.
  • Ear warmers - works best if layered on top of a hat. Choose an ear warmer that has reflective properties. This improves your visibility and safety while working out on the road or a track that has car traffic.

Additional tip:

Remember to apply your sunscreen before hitting the road for a run or a jog, especially when snow is falling or snow cover on the ground. NOTE! Snow has the potential of reflecting UV radiations up to 90%.

headwear for workout

2. Footwear

If you choose to work out during cold weather, the chances are that you will end up getting wet or running into puddles of water, making it essential that you wear a waterproof and water-resistant shoe that keeps your feet warm and dry. Note that your summer running shoes won't be of any help when it comes to exercising during the cold season.

Features that you should look for when buying your cold-weather workout shoes.

  • It should have a lug sole. That is, a sole made from rubber with big indentations that add an extra grip making your shoe slip-resistant.
  • High top-that is, shoes that extend high above your ankles. Help prevent water from penetrating inside your shoe just in case your run into a puddle of water.
  • Waterproof lining both on the outside and on the inside keeps your feet dry and also increases your shoe's shelf life.
  • Lightweight shoes-ensures that you don't quickly get fatigued.

Extra tip:

Purchase a winter workout shoe that is similar to your summer workout shoe. The only difference should be the type of material used to make your winter running shoe. This will help you maintain stability and agility and keep your motion control in check since your shoe design won't be any different. You can also apply waterproof shoe paints to your shoes for an extra waterproofing feature.

workout shoes

3. Undergarments

These inner clothing impact directly on how well you perform your workout activities in the cold. Below are some of the undergarments that you should always put on before going out for your outdoor routines(s).

  • Shimmel-this is a sports bra that extends down your torso. Always purchase a Shimmel that is made of polyester or polypropylene fabric to help you wick away sweat produced during your workout session.
  • Undershirt-invest in an undershirt made of fleece, silk or polyester fabrics. These fabrics will keep you well insulated during your outdoor activities.
  • Tights-keep you warm and also prevent your thighs and calf muscles from chafing (become sore due to repetitive rubbing).

sports bra

4. Pants

Investing in the right cold-weather workout pants will not only go a long way in preventing you from going into hypothermia but will also provide warmth and comfort during your training routines. Pro-tip; Purchase workout pants that have elastic bands around the ankles and waist.

This helps prevent cold air from penetrating your unexposed skin. If your workout terrain is sloppy or is constantly experiencing rain showers, it's highly recommended that you purchase a waterproof or resistant workout pant(s) just in case you get rained on or slip and fall. Also, buy pants that have an inner lining of fleece for extra warmth.

workout pants

5. Waterproof and windproof sweater or jacket

The aim of you working out during cold seasons is to stay healthy, so don't jeopardize your general body health by going outside without a waterproof and windproof sweater or jacket. Ensure that you layer out your jacket with a wicking vest or a long-sleeved undershirt.

Before purchasing your cold weather, workout jacket or sweater, ensure that it has the following features.

  • Two-way zips just in case you love your jacket hanging around your hips and not carrying it on your hands.
  • Armpit zippers helps waft in the fresh air in case you feel overheated.
  • Zippered deep pockets.
  • A fitting waterproof hood.

Think big! Workout in style and confidence during the cold weather.

Don't blame the cold weather for not working out. Invest in proper headgears, footwear, undergarments, pants and waterproof and windproof jackets before heading out for your outdoor routine sessions. Always make sure that you buy cold-weather workout gears made of silk, polyester or fleece fabrics to stay dry and warm after a vigorous exercise in the cold.


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