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Articolo: How to get fit in 2 months?

how to get in shape

How to get fit in 2 months?

Everybody wants to get a fit body in a short amount of time, Whether you have a special event coming up, or you're just looking to become a healthier version of yourself. Is this possible to do in such a short amount of time? This article is going to discuss 10 different ways that you can see dramatic change in your body in only 2 months. Yes, it is possible.

Understand your NEAT

NEAT stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Essentially this means all the calories you're burning outside of your normal exercise times. If you hit the gym for half an hour a day, everything you do outside of that time is considered NEAT. If you clean your house, you're going to burn more NEAT calories than sitting on the couch for the rest of the day. Up your NEAT where possible, and burn more calories.


High Intensity Interval Training is an incredibly effective way of getting fit and in shape in a short amount of time. HIIT is a type of exercise where you push yourself incredibly hard for a short period of time, rest, and repeat. For example, you might do 20 seconds of burpees, rest for 20 seconds then repeat. This is an achievable way to workout because you're pushing your body hard, but for such a short period of time you can push through. Most HIIT workouts can be done effectively in under 20 minutes, meaning it's perfect for those who are time poor. Work harder for a shorter amount of time.

get body fit in 2 months with hiit workout

Workout Clothes

Yes, this can help you get in shape. Feeling good in what you're wearing will encourage you to put your gear on and workout. If you've just bought a new sports bra, you're probably going to be excited to test it out. Lean into this motivation and wear your cutest workout set to the gym, you'll want to work harder, we guarantee it.

Take this a step further by laying your workout clothing out on your bed the night before, therefore you have no excuse not to get in your activewear. Once you're in your activewear, you may as well workout!

get a fit body with workout clothes


You don't need a gym membership to get fit. YouTube has everything you'd ever need to get fit. From beginner workouts to extreme 1000 calories burn challenge workouts. Connect YouTube to your TV and find a workout that excites you, and get sweaty from the comfort of your own home. Many YouTubers have created challenges, where you have a dedicated video to follow along to everyday. It's like having your own personal trainer.

Strength Training

Strength training is the best way to tone your muscles. While many females are afraid of weight lifting due to the stigma of getting 'bulky' this isn't actually going to happen. Lifting weights is only going to strengthen your muscles and tone your body, leaving you looking leaner and fitter than if you didn't lift weights.

get a fit body in 2 months with strength training

Calorie deficit

At the end of the day weight loss is about calories in, vs calories out. A calorie deficit is where you're expending more calories than you're consuming. This is not about starving yourself, it's about being aware of your calories and eating smart. 200 calories is 200 calories, you can eat a donut and be hungry an hour later or you can eat a more nutritious meal and feel fuller for longer, making a calorie deficit easier to achieve.

Referring back to tip number 1, upping your NEAT will also make being in a calorie deficit easier.

Ignore distractions

It's easy to get distracted when working out, especially at a gym. If you want to see results within 2 months, you're going to need to knuckle down and get the work in. This means no distractions. Get yourself a decent pair of headphones and lose yourself in your music, eliminating outside distractions and allowing yourself to focus purely on the music, and your workout.

See your inspiration

Seeing your inspiration daily and remembering what you're working so hard for will greatly benefit you. Create a vision board. Make it your phone and laptop background. Every time you look at your phone or laptop you'll be reminded of your goals and be inspired to work towards them. However you choose to do this, ensure you're seeing it everyday.

Eat after a workout

While you may think it strange to consume calories after you've just burnt them off, it'll do you better in the long run and get you towards your goal faster. After a workout your muscles are broken down and need protein and carbohydrates to properly build themselves back up. This will also help to replenish your energy, meaning you'll be more energised to continue your NEAT calorie burn throughout the day. Another tip is to make sure you're getting enough protein. This is similar to weight training, eating enough protein won't make you bulky, it will make you toned.

Active rest days

Your body needs rest days, your muscles can't properly recover if you're doing intense exercises every single day. While wanting to see results in 2 months is going to involve intense workouts, you can't skip your rest days, or you'll do your body more harm than good.

Although you can turn these rest day into active rest days. All this means is that instead of watching Netflix on your couch, you go for a 30 minute walk instead. While you're not going for a 5k run, you're still being active, burning calories and getting a step closer to your goal.

While getting in shape within 2 months may seem like the impossible, it's definitely not. If you're able to show some discipline and stick to a strict routine we guarantee you'll be seeing results in no time. The most incredible part about fitness and getting into shape is how easily it can become apart of your routine. If you can keep this up for 2 months, you'll probably keep it up for life.
Now go put your favourite workout set on, put your headphones in and hit the gym. See you in 2 months.


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