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Articolo: 5 ways to prepare your body before a workout

how to prepare your body for a workout

5 ways to prepare your body before a workout

Having a regular schedule for working out is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle. This keeps the body active and improves circulation which can lead to healthier organs and a stronger body. As this may be a sign for you to work out, there are necessary preparations needed before immediately starting a workout session. The following are the best ways to prepare your body for a workout session in the gym:

1. Use a Pre-workout

Using a pre-workout supplement is one way to prepare for a workout. A pre-workout is a substance that is consumed before working out, to improve the performance of the workout. There are various benefits of using a pre-workout before working out. One of them is the improved mental focus and energy levels. This is because the substance increases adrenaline and dopamine levels, which leads to better mood and increased energy for workouts.

Another benefit is that it boosts strength, endurance, and power output, which means an athlete can push themselves harder for longer periods with less fatigue. By lessening the fatigue after every workout, regular workout sessions can be maintained without taking too much resting time and therefore maximizing the capacity of the person in working out. Click here for a great pre-workout you can take before your exercise sessions.

Some supplements also contain caffeine which stimulates the brain and improves focus for a certain amount of time. This effect can be utilized for workouts and this can help the body maintain its focus and last longer on workouts, thus experiencing better results and growth after each workout session. Fitness enthusiasts use supplements, such as those from Total Shape, which are full of vitamins and minerals that increase the energy levels and hormones of the body to make the most of a workout session.

2. Have a Proper Warm-up

One of the most important parts of working out is having a warm-up exercise before performing other extreme workout activities. Warm-up prepares your body for more intense exercises by increasing the body temperature and the flexibility of joints and muscles. You can start warming up through treadmill, bicycling, stretching, and other mobility exercises. People who had warm-ups before workouts have less chance of becoming injured compared with those that headed directly to workouts without a proper warm-up since their bodies are more conditioned and prepared for strenuous exercises.

Another advantage of warming up is that it increases the time your body can stay active. By warming up, the body will adjust its energy expenditure and can easily adapt to the increasing intensity of the following exercises. Avoiding warmups causes the body to expend far too much energy to perform an exercise and it will leave no room for recovery and this makes the body feel tired and fatigued.

3. Stay Hydrated

Workouts cause excess sweating hence a huge amount of water is expelled from the body, which can lead to dehydration. This is why it is important to drink water and keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after workouts. Drinking water is needed to replace the fluid lost during your workout activities. Keeping the body hydrated during workouts also helps maintain the body temperature and prevent the rise of blood pressure levels beyond normal levels. Before starting workout sessions, make sure that the body is hydrated and avoid food with high fat and salt content because these cause the body to be dehydrated.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is always a must to maintain a healthy body and to be ready for each day’s list of activities. For people who live an active lifestyle and work out regularly, adequate sleep is an important factor in building up muscles.

Working out regularly puts the muscles on a constant cycle of tearing down and repairing. As the body undergoes strenuous physical activities such as lifting weights, the muscles experience breaks at the molecular scale. Muscle fibers break down but the body immediately repairs the damages and creates new and stronger muscle fibers that can handle the magnitude of the activity. This process leads to bulking up and strengthening the body. And all of these happen during sleep. The time it takes to complete the necessary hours of sleep is the allotted time for the body to rest and repair broken muscle fibers. By taking enough sleep, the body can continue its regular routine without experiencing too much strain and fatigue. It also helps the body to regain energy after every workout session.

5. Wear the Right Workout Attire

At the gym, there are several types of clothing that are recommended for working out. Usually, these are clothes made of lightweight materials such as cotton or synthetic fibers – tank tops, sports bras, workout pants, leggings, and shorts. Workout clothes are designed as such so that the body can sweat freely and maintain the right body temperature while working out.

Besides clothes, proper footwear must also be observed while working out. Normally, shoes with rubber soles are the best options for workouts because they provide the best traction on the floor which can avoid slips and loss of balance. Closed shoes are also recommended at the gym since they can protect the foot to some degree in case of an accident, such as weights falling down on the foot, or accidentally getting stepped on by someone.

So, before starting a workout, make sure that your clothes are light and comfortable, and always have a proper pair of shoes that fits you well.

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I never knew that getting enough sleep is a must! Thanks for this!

Philip Carter


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