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Articolo: How to shrink leggings?

easy way to shrink your leggings

How to shrink leggings?

When leggings begin to look slightly baggy, you could shrink them to their original shape with the help of a machine dryer or hot iron or blow dryer and so on. Drape them over one of your hangers and fire up the hot blow dryer to its higher heat setting. Now run over your stretchable to shrink them down. Let's take a look at some hacks to bring these stretches or how to shrink gym leggings into shape to make them look like new ones.

Why do you need to shrink leggings?

The leggings will become tighter but also smaller as they shrink, thus keep in mind that now the length and width could vary. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that needs more heat to shrink, thus you may need to repeat the process multiple times.

Most women do have a pair of favorite leggings stashed away in their closets. Nevertheless, a common problem that every one of us experiences is that continuous wear and needless washing eases every strand of your favorite leggings, causing them to sag.

However, several of you are nearly unsure whether to keep or put them away since they are their favorite pair of leggings which are difficult to separate from yourself and yet like to go for a long walk.


How to shrink leggings?

Let's look at some of the ways to shrink leggings at home:

Method 1- Using a Dryer and a Washing Machine

  • Soak these in hot water for a few minutes. Choose to use a wash and rinsing cycle that uses hot water. The hot water shortens the fabric strands and threads, making them less relaxed. Even though most products are pre-shrunk nowadays days, utilizing a mix of water, heat, as well as friction to bond the fabric back together again and shrink your tights will work.
  • If you'd like to wash the leggings at about the same time, you could use detergent. The shrinking procedure will not be hampered by detergent.
  • Select the longest possible wash cycle option. Allowing as much heat, water, and friction into the leggings as possible will result in the best potential shrinkage.
  • Longer laundry cycles usually include a pre-seep period, which allows the hot water to seep into the cloth and begin the shrinking action.
  • Use a high-heat dryer to dry your tights. As the water is drained from the leggings, the intense heat and friction cause the fabric to shrink back together. If you're not sure how much you'd like to shrink these, or if it's the first time you've attempted to shrink a pair of tights, keep an eye on them to ensure they wouldn't shrink far too much. Because shrinking makes the leggings tighter but also smaller, keep in mind how both the width and length will change.
  • Polyester is a synthetic fiber that requires more heat to shrink, consequently, you may need to repeat the process multiple times. Polyester shrinks best at temperatures between 155 and 178 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It may take 5-10 cycles to adequately shrink an object, and don't give it up from the first attempt.
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Method 2: Making use of an Electric Iron

  • Soak your leggings in boiling water for a few minutes. The movement of the washing machine should begin the shrinking process in the leggings with both the heat as well as hot water from both the wash and rinse cycles. To allow the hot water to seep through into leggings, rinse on the fullest cycle available.
  • If you do not have access to a washing machine, bring a large container of water to a boil, then add the tights and cook for 10 minutes. After that, take the leggings with care and squeeze out the excess water. You might also soak the leggings in warm water all through the night.
  • Start by preheating your iron. Mostly during the washing cycle, arrange your ironing board. Plug inside and preheat the iron on low - to - medium heat as the cycle nears completion. When your things contain polyester or nylon, avoid using excessive heat also because the fabric will warp but also melt.
  • When preheating the iron, make sure is already on its end. Avoid leaving an iron upon on the ironing board facing down, as it can cause a fire.
  • Take the leggings first from the washing machine and lay them flat to dry. When the cycle is finished, smooth down the damp leggings upon on ironing board then cover the first piece you're about to iron with a dish-drying towel. Your towel will protect the fabric against harm while still allowing the heat to pass through.
  • When the leggings are 100 percent cotton, you could omit the dish-drying towel.
  • Make sure your leggings are ironed. Continue ironing, moving the iron around, and applying pressure to the leggings one section at a time, until the water has disappeared and the leggings are virtually dry. Allow the leggings to air dry until they are almost dry.
  • Remember to keep pushing the iron around so your tights don't burn as well as the friction shrinks them.
  • Just use iron's steam settings sparingly, since this defeats the objective.
  • Remember to unplug the iron and then let it standing on its end to cool completely.
  • You could use a hairdryer instead of iron if you're not using one. Even though you won't need to have a dishtowel, lay the leggings out on an ironing board. The procedure will take a bit longer, however, the hairdryer's heat will always be effective.

Method 3 - Shrinkage without Washing

  • Mist your leggings with deodorant. If you don't have time or do not want to wash the leggings, softly sprinkle them with clean water using a spray bottle.
  • Use heat to dry the leggings. Dry the leggings on the hottest setting available with the clothes drier, hairdryer, or iron.
  • Apply a dampening agent to the waistline. If you wish to reduce the waistband separately, dampen it, wrap your leggings securely on a clothes hanger, then heat to shrink it with your hairdryer targeted directly at it.


These hacks show you how to shrink leggings which are time-saving and money-saving and how you can avoid a new pair or a run to your tailor to size them down. The best thing is they can be handled right at home.


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