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Articolo: How to start walking for weight loss?

How to start walking for weight loss?

How to start walking for weight loss?

You do need to go for the gym to lose weight. According to research, one of the most powerful ways to lose weight is to walk. It is an effective and natural way to achieve day-to-day physical activity amount recommended for good health and weight management. Ideally, walking assist in the burn of fat and calories which is necessary for weight loss. For a 160-pound woman, Walking for weight loss can burn about 100 calories per mile. Most people recommend walking since it is cheap, can be done anywhere and no expensive gym membership is needed- combined with a balanced diet, you can start attaining your fitness goals.

Walking Benefits

Research shows that overall regular exercise is essential for your health. Nevertheless, walking itself has numerous advantages that include:

Improving heart health

Heart disease is member one killer in most countries. Research shows that walking can minimize the risk of cardiovascular disease and also increase longevity.

Promote mental health

Taking care of yourself, body and mind, is very important when it comes to holistic health and wellness. Walking frequently can enhance a person's cognition and also assist minimize symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Combating obesity

Ideally, obesity can put us at risk of numerous chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and even certain cancers. Walking can help to decrease obese individuals and reduce weight gain. Staying active is vital to managing your weight and helps to fight obesity.

Maximizing your Non

Exercise Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT) - this is basically the energy that is expended besides formal exercise and sleep. Cleaning the house, doing the dishes, walking, and general movement throughout the day will contribute to your NEAT.

Walking for Weight Loss Tips

Whether you are walking to improve your overall health or for weight loss, some times will assist you to get the most out of your daily walking session.

Check the weather

You do not want to get caught in the rainstorm as you walk on the road or outdoors. Therefore, it is essential to take a look at the weather report before you start your walk and see the best time to take a walk. For instance, if you normally take a walk in the morning and the weather reports that they expect rain, then you can consider postponing the walk in the evening. It is important to carry your charged phone to call someone to pick it up just in case the weather takes a turn.


Staying sufficiently hydrated is very essential in your weight loss efforts when walking. This is because our body has more water than any other element therefore, you need to stay hydrated all the time. Proper hydration also impacts our energy and cognitive function in a major way. You can drink 2 cups of water for at least 30 to 60 minutes before you start walking. After you return home from your walk, ensure that you also take a glass of water to rehydrate your body.

Choose the right shoes

One of the necessary pieces of equipment for walking is shoes and chances are you need to have a suitable pair of shoes for the job. Get the best pair of sneakers with stiff heel counters and flexible soles to prevent side-to-side motion. This will assist with posture when walking and minimize the risk of injury. In addition to that. If you have the right pair of shoes, it can make walking for a longer distance comfortable and help improve your stride.

Invest in reflective accessories and clothing

If you normally walk outside, then reflective workout gears are important for keeping you safe and increasing your visibility. Whether you are walking in the evening or during the day, it can be difficult for vehicles to see pedestrians, so reflective gear with bright colors can help to make a big difference. Get clothing with reflective accents on both the front and back.

Set a goal

You need to figure out how far you can walk in one hour. For you to optimize your walking pace, you can try to aim 3 miles per hour, which is a pace of about 20 minutes per mile. If you cannot walk for a full hour, then do what you can, it's better to walk for a small distance than nothing and it can contribute to your everyday steps tremendously.

Walk on an incline

If you are walking outdoor, try going for hilly places to optimize your walk. If you are indoors, a treadmill will enable you to manipulate your incline and this can enhance the number of calories burned for your walk. Research indicates that increasing incline can improve the workout intensity while likewise impact on the joint and legs.

Pick up the pace

Walking in intervals is a perfect way to assist you to keep your walk interesting and burning more calories. Walking has three different types of paces which include stroll which is similar to window shopping with a 3/4 difficulty level on a scale of 10, the brisk walk has a 4/5 difficulty, and power walk with a 5/6 difficulty. You can start with a stroll then try to aim for a brisk pace by making a small effort and then push to a power walk pace. Power walking can make a big difference when it comes to weight loss and your overall health.

Walk with a friend

An accountable friend can assist you to stay on track and make that everyday walk. You can try to find a co-worker, family member, a friend who will go together with you for a walk a few times a week to change things up and keep you motivated.

Get the right walking app for you

Walking app will help you track your steps as you note your walking progress along the way. It also helps you to keep motivated. Some application has a pedometer built into your smartphone that will keep track of steps on your walk. Some apps focus more on your active minutes and will assist you to set challenges along the way.

Find a motivating playlist

You can create your playlist on your phone to suit your workout preference. You can choose from options like heavy beats, classic rock, pumped pop, and more.


Walking is one of the best ways to start losing weight because it's so easy and accessible. It's never too late or too early to get your health on track. Most people who start walking reap lifelong benefits of better health. If you want to be one of them, don't wait another day-start walking today!


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