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Articolo: How to stay in a perfect body shape for women?

How to stay in a perfect body shape for women?

How to stay in a perfect body shape for women?

It is often heard as an advice to "keep your body in good shape" for women because it's one factor that improves their quality of life. It guarantees a lot of things including mental, emotional and physical benefits. A lot of studies done in Psychology have also proven that physical health is imperative to keeping a sound and well mind. But how does one improve their body shape considering everything a woman has to go through or has gone through in life - giving birth, caring for a family, juggling life and career and more?

Benefits of Having a Perfect Body Shape

Improves Self-Esteem

A lot of self-esteem issues are from problems with body perception. Looking at the mirror and not liking what one sees is definitely a basis for feeling unworthy leading to losing self-confidence and self-compassion and it just goes haywire from there. There's also so many restrictions brought about a not-so-good body shape. Women are unable to wear what they want like bikinis so they are also unable to do activities that they like going to the beach. More than just looking good, it's so much better to have the liberty to do anything because the body can handle it.

Stronger Body Physically and Mentally

One motivation to keep your body in good shape is because it will become stronger. It lowers the risk for many chronic diseases like heart and lung disease. Plus, a stronger body and a healthier body from regular exercise will continue to create happy hormones. Endorphine spikes are essential to avoiding anxiety attacks or bouts of depression.

benefits of having a perfect body shape

Sense of Accomplishment

A sense of accomplishment is essential to any human being's life. The mere working out 3 days a row can make some people feel like they've achieved a lot. To be honest, getting shape is not that hard as long as there is commitment. Results are secondary, being able to show up is already part of the journey.

How to Stay in Perfect Body Shape for Women?

Plan the Regime

Getting in shape is not as easy as what others claim it is. It's not simply opening a workout video on YouTube and following how it goes. Different bodies require different programs. This is most especially true for someone who was never conscious with her diet or her workouts. Hiring a trainer might be the way to go. For a diet plan, it's best to call a nutritionist. They are trained to create a diet that fits the need and lifestyle of a woman.

For example, after child birth, especially if a mother goes through a caesarean section, she isn't allowed some workouts because she just had major surgery. It's the same if a woman is just recovering from an injury.

Love the Methods

Working out and dieting isn't easy. It involves avoiding good food and eating healthy, less savory food and doing workouts that are super tiring. This mindset however, might not get anyone anywhere. This is why it's important to love a fitness regime.

Finding the joy in a workout is imperative so a woman doesn't feel like she has to drag herself out of bed every morning just do it. Once she feels like it's a chore, she is going to keep on avoiding it until she can. Hence, workouts need to be enjoyable so it can be something to look forward to.

The great thing is that there are many workouts to choose from. There are a lot of women who are into strength training right now but there are also a lot of women who prefer something with more variety of movement like Zumba or aerobics. There are even applications like Just Dance that can incorporate dancing and competition to the exercise.

The digital world has made this super easy for everyone - look for a fitness trainer approved workout and it should be great!

stay in perfect body shape for women

Incorporate a Good Diet

Clean eating is 80% of the challenge. A woman can workout everyday and not lose weight or get fit if she doesn't have the correct diet. She is going to need to ensure that she eats healthy so her workouts are not counterproductive.

This diet pattern basically focuses on eating food that are healthy and fresh and creating ways on how to enjoy it. Limit processed foods because they contain a lot of sugars and chemicals that will not help a woman get into a good body shape. It's hard at first because busy women turn to processed food for convenience but there are lots of ways to combat these.

A lot of female health enthusiasts are very much into meal prepping. This is basically cooking everything in advance so meals are prepared and portioned based on the suggested calorie count and then will just be reheated when it's time to eat.

tips for getting perfect body shape

Best tip: Make water the primary drink

Rest When Needed

Enthusiasm is good but can be detrimental, too. Some people tend to workout too much and end up getting sick of it that they don't get to stick to their fitness regime. Hence, it's important to schedule rest days as much as it is important to schedule workouts.

Explore Other Ways

If worse gets to worst and workouts become boring or a plateau is hit, discover several ways on how to make the regime more interesting. A proven way for women to spice up their workout routine is to look for a workout buddy. This friend or partner can be held accountable for the other person's progress and vice versa. Plus, it really gets easier to workout when there is someone else there who does it, too. Imagine having to jog everyday in the morning all alone - that indeed is very boring.


Remember that frustration is the enemy. Women's bodies are built differently. There are some who are going to lose more with a diet while some will enjoy workouts better. Find what works, show up and change will be noticeable within months or even weeks depending on the program. A woman's body is strong and beautiful no matter what but it's possible to make it stronger.


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