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Articolo: What are the different types of exercises?

what are the different types of exercises

What are the different types of exercises?

Before beginning any new exercise program, take some time to find the proper attire first. You will want clothing that is comfortable, cool and loose without being saggy.

Ladies should wear a properly fitting sports bra under workout tops to provide the necessary support while exercising. The layering of moisture-wicking clothing can work well if you are planning to be outside when performing your routine.

The 4 most important types of exercise

1. Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercise continues to be a popular choice as far as exercise types go. This is often called cardio training, and there are two kinds being aerobic and anaerobic. Any exercise that raises your heart rate above your normal resting heart rate is considered cardio training.

There are a few types of cardio exercises that include:

  • Aerobic - Steady State
  • Low to Moderate Intensity
  • High Intensity & Intervals

Before beginning any exercise program, and especially with aerobic ones, consult with your doctor to ensure your safety first. Some examples of aerobic exercise include:

  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Dancing
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Swimming & more

2. Strengthening Exercises

More fitness enthusiasts are interested in shaping and toning their bodies. There are several fantastic strengthening exercises that will build muscle and increase strength in those areas being conditioned by exercise. Part of this training can be weight training.

These exercises are designed to be slow and controlled. The idea is to target a group of muscles at a time with each movement or exercise type performed. While lifting weights usually is the first to come to mind, there are many others to choose that work just as well.

Examples of strengthening exercises include:

  • Weightlifting
  • Using Resistance Bands
  • Using Weight Machines at a Gym
  • Core Strength Training - Push, Pull, Press, Hip Moves, Squats & other Core Training Movements

3. Flexibility Exercises

One of the reasons why this next group of exercises is so important hinges on these movements being able to keep a person limber and able to move better. There are some outstanding flexibility exercises, and these movements can be modified to suit any strength, age and personality.

Examples of flexibility exercises include:

  • Dynamic Warm-ups
  • Static Stretches
  • Foam Rolling
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Dance Warm-Up Moves
  • Massage Therapy & More

These exercises seek to lengthen and slowly stretch those core muscles and holding them to tone surrounding muscles and stretching outwards. These moves are usually one of the first exercises recommended for elderly people, individuals with mobility issues and others simply out of shape. These motions help to protect and gently warm up the body before more intense workouts afterwards.

types of workouts

4. Balancing Exercises

There are balancing exercises that help individuals learn how to be mindful of their body especially when getting ready to make a strenuous move. Basically, these movements seek to keep people-centered and grounded. Dancers, martial arts enthusiasts, gymnasts and athletes all make use of these balancing exercises.

These movements too are fantastic for seniors having difficulty with balance, walking or moving in general. This teaches them to be aware of their surroundings and is generally a safe exercise program if it is tailored for each person.

Useful tips to make the workout more effective

Determine the Best Types of Workouts to Suit Your Personality

Not everyone will respond favorably to all types of workouts. It is important to determine what your best types of workouts are to stay motivated to keep up the exercises on an ongoing basis. Just as there are many types of personalities in this world, there are many different styles of exercise as well.

Consider Adding Weight Training to Your Physical Routine

Weight training is a good way to increase overall body strength, and the focused efforts can effectively mold and shape your physique as desired. Women who lift weights do not expand large bulky muscles just from ordinary weightlifting routines as many women fear.

Don't Forget About Sports-Related Activities Too

Sports are another terrific method to get your body into shape fast. Most sports require some exercise to be able to perform the moves of whatever the sport demands. Getting involved with a work or community softball, baseball or soccer team can make exercise fun and social at the same time.

Reap the Many Benefits of a Variety of Exercises

Switching up the style, type and intensity of your everyday workout routine help to prevent boredom or burnout. Additionally, having a variety of exercises can help to ensure that your full body is getting the required workout to stay in the shape that you have grown accustomed to overtime.

Enroll in an Exercise Class to Increase Motivation

Consider enrolling in yoga, Pilates, martial arts or dance class to spice up your current exercise regimen. Working out with a structured class format increases the chances of keeping motivated to continue. Females should make sure that their workout apparel includes a well-fitting sports bra that can be worn under cute and comfortable workout tops.

Keep Exercise Fun & Consider Working Out Together with Others

Most fitness experts recommend keeping exercise fun and varied for best end results. Working out with others can also make exercise enjoyable. Simply walking your dog can increase overall satisfaction when exercising.


Consider joining a local ski, horseback riding, hiking or bowling team to add variety to a regular exercise routine. Choose the kinds of exercise you like. Consult with an experienced fitness trainer for more information.


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