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Articolo: Why wear compression sportswear?

compression activewear

Why wear compression sportswear?

At the gym, dress to impress is replaced by dress to compress! Many people are discovering the benefits of wearing compression sportswear to the gym. There's no need to fear the "squeeze" if you're wearing compression activewear because you'll enjoy comfort and breathability with many added perks for performance. Why wear compression sportswear? Take a look at why compression is in.

What Is Compression Clothing?

Compression clothing is clothing made of tight, breathable materials designed to provide strategic support for muscles. Some common types of compression clothing include tops, shorts, socks, pants and sleeves. Many people prefer head-to-toe compression ensembles because they feel that this allows them to use the body as a "unit" with extreme joint awareness and control. Others prefer to focus on compression gear for a specific part of the body that requires additional support due to past injuries or muscle weakness. There's no "wrong way" to wear compression clothing for workout enhancement.

While "compression clothing" has become a catch-all phrase for all tight workout clothing, true compression clothing is actually made from selective, high-quality materials that are designed to increase the amount of oxygen delivered to the muscles. While it can be worn at any time, compression clothing can be especially beneficial when running or training. Next, take a look at the benefits of compression clothing.

The benefits of compression clothing

Amazing Support

Compression clothing stabilizes the body when training and working out. Compression clothes also add pressure against the muscles to allow us to simply move more effectively when experiencing the strain of reps. As a result, the body feels tighter and more powerful with every movement.

No Catching

Wearing loose clothing to the gym is distracting and dangerous. It can feel like clothing is constantly catching on equipment. A person can also feel distracted and self-conscious if they're constantly adjusting their clothing. Compression clothing fits like a second skin! There's no need to wonder if workout clothes are "behaving" again!

Improved Blood Circulation

The light pressure applied by compression clothing helps to boost blood circulation. This is an amazing way to boost energy and muscle activity. It also supports muscle recovery. In fact, compression gear is great for preventing muscle fatigue.

Better Muscle Recovery

Researchers have observed much better muscle recovery among performers who wear compression clothing. In studies, those who wore compression clothing experienced less muscle pain when compared to people who did not. This information is consistent with what's known about the way compression clothing helps to reduce pain and inflammation after workouts.

why wear compression sportswear


While one may assume that tighter clothing would make people feel hotter, the opposite is actually true when you opt for high-quality compression garments. Compression clothing is highly breathable. It cools the body down much better than regular gym clothing that is made from suffocating materials that don't allow air to pass through.

Dry Performance

In addition to keeping the body cool by not raising core body temperature, compression clothing offers the added benefit of helping people to stay dry during grueling workouts. The design allows for quick, easy evaporation even following a very sweaty session. This is especially good news when shopping specifically for stylish compression activewear that can be worn for post-gym errands. While other types of workout clothing may leave behind soaked spots or sweat stains, compression workout clothes can help everyone look and feel as cool as a cucumber just minutes after stepping out of the gym.

More Flexibility

Compression clothing is light enough to "disappear" on the body. There's a feeling of being free to move, stretch and be flexible without constraints. Many people find that it allows them to stretch, lift and extend much easier than normal workout clothing. Compression activewear adds gracefulness.

Injury Support

Compression clothing can be amazing when healing an existing injury because it provides support to help minimize unnecessary movements. It can be like wearing a stylish support strap or bandage. The best part is that nobody will know that these workout clothes are "therapeutic."

Reduced Exertion

Bulky, heavy workout clothes cause people to waste exertion on just existing instead of putting energy into their workouts. Many are left with more power for their actual workouts after switching to smooth, exertion-free workout clothes. This is especially important when shopping for clothing for extreme sports or endurance competitions. The wrong clothing can take away an athlete's edge! In fact, researchers have discovered that runners can improve performance by wearing compression clothing due to improvements in running economy, muscle temperature and other biomechanical variables.


This may just be the most important benefit of wearing compression clothing! Attractive, stylish compression clothing that is designed for a purpose makes it easy to feel confident because it creates a secure, empowering feeling. This is clothing designed for achieving goals, breaking down boundaries and getting results. It doesn't create the limits created by "fashion" workout clothing.

Final thoughts

Compression clothing performs with style. It has supportive, therapeutic qualities that transcend what "fashion" workout clothing can do. It's easy to wear, easy to care for and easy to bring along in a gym bag.


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