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Artikel: How to Exercise Inside the Gym Facility?

exercise in the gym

How to Exercise Inside the Gym Facility?

The gym is a great place to workout, but it can also be quite confusing. Someone new to exercise in the gym can have a lot of questions. Knowing which gym is worth joining is one of them. This is a hard question to answer, but luckily, most worthwhile gyms have a few things in common. The biggest, of course, is the various areas the gym is composed of.

From a cardio area to a strength training zone, a gym worth joining has a wide variety of facilities. Someone new to the gym, however, may not know just what the most common areas are or which ones are essential.

The Most Essential Areas A Gym Should Have

Cardio Area

It’s rare for a gym not to have a section devoted entirely to cardio. Treadmills and ellipticals are the most common equipment, but it’s not rare to see other machines too. Step-machines are also quite popular and many gyms have also started to add them to their cardio repertoire. These gym staples are a little more complex than other gym equipment though. Unlike regular weights, many machines run on electricity and require the person using it to pick their settings.

Despite this complexity, the cardio zone of a gym is a great place for someone new to start exercising. A gym with good support staff will also answer any questions they may have about the machine’s settings.

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Free Weight Area

More than any other area in the gym, free weights are practically mandatory for any good gym to have. Not only are free weights easy to use, but they are also incredibly versatile. A pair of dumbbells, for instance, can be used to workout nearly every part of the body. Biceps, triceps and pecs – a set of dumbbells can give a workout that is hard to beat. Dumbbells aren’t the only free weights, however. Plates are also considered free weights and can also be found in this area.

Combine the two and you have a full-body workout. Many other gym areas can be optional, but free weights are hard to ignore.

Strength Equipment Area

This section is similar to the free weight area. The difference is that this area is composed of most machines. This can include the leg press, pull down and the seated row machine. Depending on how big the gym is, there can be a lot of different machines. Unlike other areas, however, this section isn’t that important to have. Most workouts can be easily done with free weights in one form or another.

Machines, however, offer convenience. Although slightly harder to use than free weights, someone can get started much faster than they would without one. Likewise, they also don’t have to worry about taking the dumbbells back to the rack. This can be a big positive when arms are sore from working hard.

Stretching And Mobility Area

Not every workout has to involve weights or machines. It’s just as easy to work up a sweat with your body alone. High-Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) is a popular cardio workout that has gotten traction in recent years. A gym that dedicates an area to such training has its customers in mind. That’s because this area can also be used for warming up or cooling down. Mats, foam rollers and some stability balls are all a gym needs for a stretching zone.

A gym that can’t be bothered to have one of these zones is one you should raise your eyebrows too. A proper cool down or warm-up could be the difference between getting injured or not.


Functional Fitness Area

Functional fitness may seem strange, but its actually something quite simple. Kettlebells, resistance bands and medicine balls make up this section of a gym. Some gyms may even have battle ropes. One thing they all have in common, however, is a sense of community. The functional fitness area is one of the busiest areas of a gym because of the amount of group work that is common in this kind of dynamic workout. CrossFit, for example, is usually done in this area of the gym.

It’s a good idea for any gym worth it's salt to have a functional fitness area. Social interaction combined with competition can go a long way in helping to build a healthy community in the gym.

Personal Trainer Area

A common question among new gym members is wondering how to do exercise in the gym. A proper gym will usually have helpful staff on hand to answer most of their questions. That includes questions about the best gym equipment such as activewear. The best gyms, however, will have staff that can also help out when it comes time to workout. These gyms may even have a personal trainer section of the gym for private workouts.

Although this can cause the price to be higher, it’s well worth joining such a gym. For the inexperienced, this is even more the case. A good gym trainer can help them to avoid common beginner mistakes and in turn help prevent accidents and injury.

A Difficult Workout At The Gym Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

When someone is working up a sweat, the last thing they want is to stop their momentum and figure out where to go next. A good gym makes working out easy. It has all the facilities they need and the staff to give them the support they need. A gym that is properly divided into clear-cut sections goes a long way in making the gym-goers' difficult workout easy.

Great gyms don’t leave anyone wondering how to start exercise in the gym. They make things easy and simple. Different gym areas don’t just look better. They help make the gym easy to navigate. In turn, this makes going to the gym a fun experience.

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