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Articolo: 10 ways to burn fat fast

10 ways to reduce body fat fast

10 ways to burn fat fast

When it is about knowing how to lose body fat fast, supplements and magic pills tend to dominate. While they promise an easy fix, losing weight isn't an overnight affair. So, what are the ways to burn fat fast? The answer is simple. Eat right, add fat-burning exercises, and rest enough. Incorporating these things into a daily routine makes a big difference. Here are some quick and easy ways to burn fat fast.

1. Include exercise in daily routine

There is no denying that working out is one of the best ways to burn fat fast. However, when it comes to exercise, many people think about strength training. While it depends on whether or not to take strength exercise, it is important to have a decent workout regime.

Certain exercises such as planks, pushups, and squats can be equally helpful. However, studies have shown that strength training can be more effective compared to aerobic exercise. Hence, strength training shouldn't be overlooked either when it comes to losing excess fat.

exercise in daily to burn body fat

2. Have a good night's sleep

Lack of sleep can result in increased appetite. Also, it causes hormone imbalance. As such, a person becomes hungry, and the chances of obesity increase. Here are some tips to have a sound sleep.

  • Stick to a specific bedtime
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks before going to sleep
  • Try natural remedies for a sound sleep such as chamomile, valerian, and lavender

Another common reason that creates a disturbance in sleep is using the phone in bed. When a person uses a phone, it disrupts the natural way of sleeping and delays the sleep cycle. So, the best way out of this situation is to keep the phone down an hour before moving to the bed.

3. Follow a protein-rich breakfast

Several studies have shown that working out in the morning help to lose about 20% more fat compared to having breakfast first and doing the workout. For effective results, it is good to start the day with a workout. And, follow it up with a breakfast that contains protein. Porridge, eggs, and Greek yogurt are some food that helps to burn fat right from the start of the day.

eat protein-rich breakfast to burn fat

4. Try to reduce intake size

It is a no-brainer that reducing the amount of food intake helps a person to consume fewer calories. When a body has fewer calories, it will have less fat. But how to do it in the right way? The best way is to eat from a small plate. People always feel that there shouldn't be empty spaces on their plates while eating. As a result, it helps to reduce the amount of food for consumption.

5. Hang around with health-conscious friends

The benefit of having health-focused friends around are many. First of all, they send positive vibes regarding leading a healthy life. That way, the opposite person tends to develop those good habits and stay away from certain things that include overeating. Secondly, consumption of alcoholic drinks is minimized to a great extent. These beverages have high-calorie content and increase fat.

workout with friends

6. Lower your sugar intake

Eating sugary food tends to increase cravings to eat more food containing sugar. Hence, food that is high in sugar content has more calories. Moreover, it leaves a feeling that the stomach is not filled up. As such, a person ends up eating more sugary food to satisfy their sweet tooth. So, for a healthier option, it is better to swap chocolate and sweets for naturally sweet and low-calorie food such as pears, dates, or sugar-free snacks.

7. Include more protein

Adding more protein helps to keep the stomach fuller for longer periods. As a result, it decreases appetite and reduces the desire to eat more. Also, the calorie intakes reduce significantly. Moreover, some studies have shown that including foods rich in protein helps burn belly fat fast. Dairy products, eggs, seafood, and lean meat are the best sources of protein and should be included in the diet. For vegans, it is good to consume plant protein-based food such as chickpeas, tofu, and lentils.

burn body fat fast with more protein

8. Try eating slowly

In general, people who eat quickly tend to overeat. It means, calorie intake gets higher and results in the accumulation of fat. Hence, it is wise to eat mindfully. Moreover, it is better to concentrate more on chewing instead of swallowing food. When a person eats fast, the human brain can't process things quickly and doesn't indicate to the body that no more food is required. Sometimes, a person still can feel hungry right after eating. So, try waiting for about 20 minutes before grabbing more food.

9. Fill up on soluble fibre

While fibre is overlooked when it is about burning fat faster, soluble fibre has been beneficial to those who are looking to tone them up. When it is about having a healthy gut, soluble fibre is quite effective. Because soluble fibre acts as an appetite suppressant, it promotes fat loss. Moreover, a recent study in the United States has shown that increasing fibre content in the diet, can have a positive impact on fat loss compared to other complex dietary methods.

reduce body fat fast with soluble fibre

10. Try high-intensity interval training workouts

High-intensity interval training is a kind of rigorous workout that is highly effective when it comes to losing body fat fast. The workout combines high-intensity exercises while having short resting periods. Studies have shown that this kind of workout helps lose body fat fast up to 30% more compared to other kinds of cardio exercises within the same timeframe. It means that a person can observe the difference within 15 minutes of working out. Because this kind of exercise can suck out your energy instantly, it depends on the person whether or not to choose this option.


When an individual makes these small changes in their lifestyle, they can burn fat fast. However, the best way to lose body fat fast begins with the motivation to change the daily routine and stick to it regardless of hurdles. Hence, follow these tested and proven ways to shed body fat fast and bring a drastic change in your life.


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