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Articolo: Common injuries in exercise and how to prevent them?

common injuries in exercise

Common injuries in exercise and how to prevent them?

Regular exercise helps people maintain their health at optimal levels. However, workout injuries are pretty common nowadays. What are the common injuries in exercise? How to prevent or avoid these injuries? These are two vital questions that many fitness enthusiasts often search to find the best answers to.

What are the common causes of workout injuries?

  • Overtraining
  • Incorrect body form
  • Accidents
  • Exercising before warming up the body
  • Improper training methods

The common workout injuries include

Foot and Ankle Injuries

The most common foot and ankle injuries are plantar fasciitis. Many women spend a lot of time on their feet when exercising. This situation leads to this condition. Tight and weak calf muscles also make people highly vulnerable to plantar fasciitis.

Many women have to sit for long hours with rounded shoulders to perform their official responsibilities. When these women stand up, their body weight falls to the front of their feet to create a misplaced center of gravity. Wearing running shoes with such a body posture tips them forward with a heel much higher than toes. This situation results in unwanted stress on feet and ankles and causes foot and ankle injury over time.

foot and ankle injuries

Knee injuries

Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries in exercise. Several women follow a sedentary lifestyle nowadays. After staying inactive throughout the day, they perform explosive movements in the gym to create excess stress on their knees.

Heavy weight lifting and other strenuous exercises also lead to pain and discomfort. When women with weak hip muscles perform squats or lunges, they are prone to knee injuries.

Lower back injuries

Lower back pain is the natural outcome of strained muscles near the spine. Many women push their bodies beyond the limit to get faster results. It leads to nerve compression and may cause disc herniation. Undermining the lower back pain may make you vulnerable to serious health complications.

After keeping the body rounded throughout the day, especially the upper back, a lot of women hit the gym and perform overhead shoulder lifts in a standing position. This situation does not let the upper back extend correctly. Due to unwanted stress, the upper back often gets straightened and arches upward to cause a nervous breakdown.

lower back injuries

Neck Injuries

Chest tightness and weakened lengthened muscles in the neck are common problems for all those women who keep hunching over a desk throughout the day. When these people extend their muscles after long hours of inactivity or poor posture, they often create unwanted stress on their necks to cause injuries.

Shin Splints

When women do a lot of running and jumping, they tend to develop shin splints or Tibial pain. The main reason for this condition is overstressed front lower leg. This condition causes pain over the shin bone.

Shoulder Injuries

The primary responsibility of the rotator cuff is to stabilize the shoulder joint. It is a group of four muscles. When people perform repetitive overhead activities in the gym for an extended time, they may injure the shoulder. Unwanted stress leads to rotator cuff muscles injuries.

shoulder injuries

Elbow Injuries

Women weightlifters often experience elbow injuries. The tendons near the elbow crop down when they perform repetitive activities, including weight lifting in the same direction. Incorrect techniques are the prominent reason to make women vulnerable to elbow injuries.

How to prevent injuries in exercise?

These are the most common workout injuries that women have to deal with when they spend time in the gym. How to avoid common gym injuries and maintain optimal health? Here are the best ways to avoid workout injuries.

Maintain good form

Beginners must realize that maintaining good form is critical to prevent common injuries in exercise. It is necessary to seek the help of an experienced trainer to know how to maintain good form when working out in the gym.

Warm-up and cool down

Never undermine the importance of warm-up before a workout session. It prepares the body, stimulates muscles, and keeps the blood flowing. That is why fitness experts advise women to start slowly and pick the pace gradually.

Cooling down after the exercise is also necessary to prevent injuries. Women should end the exercise routine at a slow pace to bring body temperature and heart rate back to normal. These simple steps always help you avoid gym injuries.

how to avoid common gym injuries

Utilize safety equipment

Women should use the most suitable safety equipment to stay guarded against injuries. Some of them include kneepads, belts, shoes, gloves, and other types of protective guards. Choosing the right women's sportswear is also vital to avoid injuries. Many companies offer various kinds of women's sportswear nowadays. It is always advisable to buy the best breathable clothing that offers optimal comfort for users.

Listen to the body

Many women turn overenthusiastic while working out and stretch or push their bodies overly. This approach often leads to workout injuries. The key factor is to listen to the body and work out accordingly to get optimal results. Overstretching or exertion often delivers negative results. Women should listen to their bodies and adopt a balanced approach to achieve their fitness goals.

Follow the correct techniques

Improper techniques lead to many types of exercise injuries. Women must follow the correct techniques to prevent unwanted discomfort, pain, and injuries. Wrong methods make people vulnerable to injuries such as muscle pull, muscle strain, wrist sprain, wrist dislocation, ankle injury, shoulder injury, shin splint, and many more.

Overtraining, incorrect body posture, and inaccurate training methods are the major causes of common injuries in exercise. The most common injuries on the shoulder, wrist, knee, ankle, foot and lower back occur due to unwanted stress on these areas. Women should learn how to avoid common gym injuries to enjoy outstanding results. Firstly, they should listen to their body. With the help of suitable equipment, proper preparation, and accurate techniques, these injuries can be avoided or prevented efficiently.


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