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Articolo: 8 simple relaxing yoga poses

8 simple relaxing yoga poses

8 simple relaxing yoga poses

Soothing the body and mind gives us the top-notch health results that we expect. Yes, everyone has stress in our daily life. How to overcome it with simple techniques? Yoga is the ultimate solution to the body and mental issues of an individual. Yoga relaxes your mind and body for any person feeling tense. Simple and effective stress relief yoga poses for relaxation are discussed below.

Some of the relaxing yoga poses are

Cat tail pose

This yoga pose relieves anxiety problems and lumbar area tension effectively. It involves a spine twist with simple procedures.

  • Firstly, an individual has to lie down on her back and shift the pelvis to her right. The right knee is then pulled to the left side of the body.
  • After this step, bending the left knee, the person has to kick the foot to the buttock area. At the same time, the left ankle can be held tightly by the person using the right hand.

The above position can be continued for five minutes followed by side changes.

cat tail pose is a relaxing yoga pose

Chair yoga pose

The chair yoga pose is a simple technique for mind relaxation. The steps involved are

  • Standing in a place with feet together is the first step in this pose.
  • Arms are raised parallel to the floor with the palm's downside.
  • Now, the person's knees are bent, and she can sit as if sitting on a floor.
  • She can squat like sitting on the edge of furniture. The knees must be straight ahead.

The individual can exhale before she bends her knees. The person has to look at the front wall to balance herself. She could breathe in and hold it six times.

chair yoga pose is a stress relief yoga pose

Melting Heart Pose

This yoga pose helps an individual with whole-body relaxation. The steps are

  • The person can start with a kneeling pose and has to bend forward. The person must ensure touching the floor with the head.
  • Stretching the hands forward with the hips above the knees is followed.
  • The chest of the person can sink toward the mat or floor.

This pose can be maintained for 3 to 5 minutes.

Corpse Pose

This corpse pose improves your health by relieving stress, fatigue, and depression. It improves concentration and relaxes the individual's whole body. The woman's insomnia issues are solved by regular corpse pose exercise. The steps involved are

  • First the woman has to lie flat on her back.
  • She can roll open her feet gently.
  • The palms can face up.
  • Shoulders are rolled down on her back.
  • Eyes of the person are closed.

The position can be held for five minutes.

The above yoga position relaxes the person's muscles and tissues. Above all, this yoga pose brings positivity to the mind of the person.

stress relief yoga poses for relaxation

Goddess pose

The Goddess pose improves blood circulation and mind relaxation. The steps involved are

  • A woman has to stand with her feet hip-distance apart with her feet at a 45-degree angle pose.
  • Secondly, she can lower her hips down by bending her knees.
  • Thirdly, arms are stretched by keeping the spine long.

The pose is maintained for one minute.

The above pose helps your muscles tone and improves your concentration.

goddess pose

Cobra Pose

This pose is a good one to reduce your stress. The steps involved are

  • The person has to lie down on her stomach
  • She had to place her hands near her shoulder.
  • She could lift her chest up by slowly inhaling from the floor. However, her hands have to remain in the same position.

The above pose cools down the person's nervous system.

Happy Baby Pose

  • Firstly, the person has to lie down on her back.
  • The next step is to bend their knees towards her belly. The person has to hold her feet by stretching her hands.
  • Now her knees are wide open.

She could maintain that position for two minutes. The above pose helps the person to remain calm and peaceful.

Seated Forward Bend

The above pose helps a woman boost her mood and reduce tension. The pose gives her abundant relaxation and a calm mind. She can relieve her stress by doing it regularly. The steps involved are

  • The person can be seated with extended legs.
  • Next, she can try to touch her feet with her hands by bending forward.
  • The person can try this pose till she feels fine.

seated forward bend is a relaxing yoga pose

Benefits of Relaxing Yoga Poses

Irrespective of age, yoga poses are beneficial to your mind and body health. You can feel rested and at peace by doing the above poses regularly. You can reap many benefits by practicing the above yoga steps as follows.

  • Yoga poses reduce anxiety, depression, and wavering mind.
  • Muscle relaxation is achieved by managing pain.
  • Body flexibility is improved.
  • Insomnia issue is reduced.

Asides from health benefits, yoga gives a person a peaceful life due to boosting mood. Happiness is the basis for successful life which is achieved by yoga poses. A happy person achieves his goals without error. So, the benefits of doing yoga enhance a person's success to a greater extent.

Final thoughts

The above 8 simple relaxing yoga poses help women to feel comfortable and relaxed. The above stress relief yoga poses give you exemplary health improvement results in the long run. The above poses are simple to follow without much strain. The person who tries the above yoga poses may find it tough during the initial stages. However, she would soon enjoy the benefits of poses by constant practicing. Determination and efforts of an individual give massive health results in the end. Women who do yoga can wear tight yoga pants to their comfort and perfection. A regular yoga pose at home enhances women's happiness and health further.


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