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Articolo: Home gym vs gym membership: which one is better?

Home gym vs gym membership: which one is better?

Home gym vs gym membership: which one is better?

Deciding where to spend your workout sessions can be quite complicated. Home gym vs gym membership has its pros and cons when it comes to factors such as cost, equipment, trainers, and socialization. Because a gym has various equipment, people are most likely to experience a full-body workout. However, a gym does not necessarily mean going outside and getting a membership.

Now that most people are staying at home, setting up a gym at home has become a new trend. Gym equipment and accessories are easily available on the market so setting it up in homes is never a problem. Buying a gym membership may be convenient for some, but some women prefer working out at their gym.

Considering many factors, this article will help women to decide whether to invest in gym equipment for home or buy a gym membership to workout with other gym members.

Setting Up a Home Gym

For some, having a gym is more convenient since they will be able to spend their time working out at any time they want. Though it costs more, buying gym equipment can be a lifetime investment. However, beginners may find it difficult to start working out since they will not be having any coach or trainer.

Advantages of Having a Home Gym

No Monthly Cost

This is the most common problem why people do not like to go to the gym. Unlike going to an outside gym, having your gym at home means no subscription fee needs to be paid regularly.

Working Out Anytime

It allows them to schedule their workout time and follow the pace they like. There are no restrictions on time and they can have their workout as long as they like.

No Travel Time

Since they are at home, it not only cuts their time for traveling but it would also saves them from spending on gas or fares.

No Need To Share Equipment

Now that the pandemic is still on, it is safer to use own equipment rather than share it with someone they don't know. They also do not need to spend time waiting for equipment to be vacant.

No Small Talks

Usually, the majority of time in gyms is spent talking. They will be able to focus and spend more time working out without having any distractions from other people.

Disadvantages of Home Gym

Lack of Motivation

Without a trainer, there will be no specific instructions if they want a certain workout. No one will be able to motivate them to finish working out especially if they are exhausted. Aside from the trainer, there will be no competition among other people. For some, having a healthy competition makes them work harder and be challenged.


Buying the gym equipment is a one-time expense. It can cost a chunk of money, but it can be considered a great investment in the long run. Also, having its equipment is an asset that can be traded or sold if they are done using it.


When at home, kids are expected to run around the area or talk to them while they are doing a workout. Unless they have a separate room for the gym, no one will be able to disturb them while working out. It is recommended to work out early in the morning when everyone is still asleep or when everyone has left for school and the office.


Various gym equipment for different users can be bulky and may take up a lot of space in homes. Unless there is a space dedicated for gym equipment only, having multiple gym equipment will not be a problem.

Getting a Gym Membership At a Commercial Gym

Since working out at home can be difficult for beginners, some choose to work out at commercial gyms before setting up their gym at home. Paying for the membership fee is the foremost factor that comes to mind when it comes to working out at a commercial gym. However, what you are paying for is exactly what you need in working out.

Advantages of Getting a Gym Membership

Variety of Equipment

There will be more machines and equipment available for use. Whether it be dumbbells, a treadmill, a stationary bike, or just a gym ball, anything you need will be available at a commercial gym. If there is a need to increase the strength of the workout, there is no need to buy new equipment to match the workout level.


As mentioned earlier, home gyms do not have a personal trainer. If they need assistance and help with advanced techniques, it is better to work out in a commercial gym rather than at home. For beginners, their forms will be corrected when they lift weights.

This does not only apply while working out. Guidance on certain nutrition and diets is also provided by a commercial gym to keep them fit.

Deals and Perks

Some commercial gyms tie-up with other establishments where people can use their gym membership for discounts and other perks. They may also give discounts to people who will subscribe to them for longer periods such as annual or semi-annual membership.

Social Interaction

Unlike when staying at home, working out with friends or other fitness enthusiasts may be exciting and motivating for some. Gyms also offer classes to people who share the same interest in fitness.

Disadvantages of Joining a Commercial Gym


Whatever gym they join, they have to pay a membership fee. High-class commercial gyms may cost more than smaller ones since they have more experienced trainers or better facilities. If they opt to cancel the membership, it can be non-refundable or there may be cancellation fees on top of the membership fee.

Too Much People

Usually, people flock to gyms during weekends or early morning - which sometimes can be annoying to other people. Working out with sweaty people who leave sweat on equipment, hearing someone talking loudly on the phone, or people who do not put back the weights are some of the irritating factors in a commercial gym.


When going to the gym, you need to prepare a lot of things, workout clothes, water, packing up a bag, driving, and going around the traffic can demotivate someone from working out. Due to this, some people opt to cancel their workout sessions due to these factors.

Final Thoughts

With a lot of pros and cons of a home gym and commercial gym to weigh in, it all comes down to own preference and which suits the budget. Self-motivated people often choose setting-up their gym. However, if they are distracted easily, working out in a commercial gym may be a better choice.


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