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Artikel: Difference between circuit training and HIIT

what is the difference between circuit training and HIIT

Difference between circuit training and HIIT

There is a lot of confusion in the fitness world for newbies wanting to get the most out of their workout routines. They're unsure what the difference between circuit training vs. HIIT is but would benefit from the knowledge. Thanks to technology, finding the answer to almost any fitness-related question is possible. Within seconds, the answer is at their fingertips, thanks to helpful guides such as this one.

So, what's the difference between circuit training and HIIT? What makes one form of exercise more desirable than the other? To help answer these questions and more, follow this short guide. It explains what circuit training is and does for the body. It also explores the core principles of HIIT and the various ways it improves people's health and fitness. By the time a person is done reading the guide, they should have a basic understanding of each form of exercise and know which they'd like to explore further.

What is Circuit Training?

Since its creation in the 1950s, circuit training has been a staple in personal trainers' routines. It consists of a series of exercises done for a set number of repetitions followed one after another until the circuit completes. There is a short break in between exercises, and then the course is done again until a person reaches a set number of attempts. People can do circuit training with resistance bands, weights, weight machines, and cardio.

Special clothing can assist a person in feeling more comfortable as they work out, too. An example of this is FIRM ABS training leggings made from stretchable, breathable material that is virtually friction-proof. They help give the legs a sculpted look and feel as people wear them to complete a workout. Many people opt to purchase apparel that helps them move easier during circuit training sessions.

circuit training vs HIIT

What is HIIT?

High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is a form of exercise that is intense. It involves doing a single exercise to the highest level for a short amount of time. Due to its intense nature, it's best to allow for breaks between intervals. Cardio exercises are best to use with HIIT because people gain the most benefit from the heart-strengthening sessions. Since the idea is to max out on the exercise, it's not unusual for a person to feel exhausted after a HIIT workout because it quickly runs through their energy reserves.

The number of calories burned during a HIIT session varies based on a person's gender and weight. A 30 minute HIIT cycling session can burn as many as 375 to 390 calories for a person weighing 125 pounds or less, 465 to 485 calories for a person weighing 155 pounds, and 555 to 577 calories for a person weighing 185 pounds. The sweat-inducing form of exercise pairs well with other low-impact exercises such as walking or swimming to maximize calorie burn.

Good examples of HIIT exercises include burpees, high knees, squat jumps, and jump roping. A person doesn't need any special equipment to perform the exercises, except for a jump rope. People can perform HIIT in a gym, outdoors, or at home very easily.

Circuit Training vs. HIIT: Which Form of Exercise is Better?

People often wonder which of the two offers the best results. It depends on what a person's objective is, to build strength or to burn calories. Circuit training is slower-paced but very effective in stretching and strengthening muscles, improving balance, and working on breath control. HIIT, on the other hand, is all about boosting the metabolism and burning excess calories quickly.

Depending on what a person's ideal fitness goal is, both exercises can be highly beneficial. Opting to alternate between circuit training and HIIT can make it possible to lose weight and build muscle. It's important to note that using weight and other exercise equipment rapidly can lead to accidents, so it's highly recommended not to do it at any time during a workout.

The best determining factors as to which form of exercise is ideal for a person are the amount of time they have to spend on a workout, the types of equipment they have available at their disposal to use, and what they're hoping to achieve once the workout commences. Learning the correct way to do circuit training and HIIT by hiring a personal trainer can be highly beneficial. It teaches people the proper form to get the most out of every minute of their workouts.

It's Up to a Person to Choose Which Exercise Routine Best Benefits Them

There are distinct differences between circuit training and HIIT. Each exercise maximizes the time a person works out by emphasizing strength training or calorie-burning. For a slower-paced workout, circuit training is ideal. If there is only a short amount of time to spend in the gym, HIIT provides the most benefit because of how rapidly the exercises get completed.

Among the most popular workout routines, there are, circuit training and HIIT provide people with the opportunity to get a full-body workout. It allows them to work their arms, legs, glutes, back, and core. Another highly beneficial reason to engage in either form of exercise is how quickly they improve people's health. People with high blood pressure, diabetes, and other major health conditions find the side effects of their conditions lessen when doing circuit training or HIIT.

Finally, losing weight is easier with a consistent workout routine. Circuit training allows for slower weight loss, whereas HIIT burns calories quickly. Still, people can continue to condition and tone their bodies by engaging in cardio workouts using either their body weight for resistance or resistance bands. Either exercise option can significantly improve a person's physical appearance as well as how they feel internally.

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