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Article: Exercise for balance: how to improve your balance?

exercises to improve balance

Exercise for balance: how to improve your balance?

Discover what it takes to get back on your feet after slipping, tripping, or losing your balance. Get the information about different types of exercise for improving your sense of balance and reducing fall risk.

Since balance is a crucial part of most sports and many fitness activities, it's important to exercise balance and work your muscles. Exercises to improve balance can be done with or without equipment, so you can add balance exercises into the workout routines no matter how busy your schedule is. During these exercises, you need fitting workout clothes that fit correctly to make you more comfortable.

The following balance exercise includes beginner and advanced workouts to help you improve balance:

Balance on one foot

This is an easy balance exercise that can be done without any equipment. If you are new to balance exercises, then work with the beginner version; otherwise, start with advanced balance exercises by practicing balance on one leg. This balanced workout requires concentration and balance, so try not to think of anything else while doing it. You'll notice improvements after a few weeks as long as you don't give up!

balance workouts


Squats help improve balance because you need to stand on both feet during your squat routine. To do bodyweight squats:

  • Hold your hands at chest level for balance and squat down until your thighs are parallel to the floor (or lower if upper thighs go below).
  • Keep your back straight and bend at the knees, not the hips.
  • If the balance is a problem, try squatting with your back against a wall or holding onto something nearby for balance.

Balance board exercises

Using a balance board helps improve balance, especially when done regularly. Balance boards can be used for balance exercises, abdominal workouts, or balance games. You can buy balance boards in most sports stores or online sites that sell fitness equipment, but you can also make your balance board at home.

balance board exercises

One arm dumbbell row

One-arm dumbbell rows are a form of weight training that helps improve balance because both feet are on the ground when doing this workout routine. While it's okay to keep one foot slightly lifted off the floor while working out, this balance exercise requires both feet to stay in place to maintain balance throughout the workout routine. Make sure you have plenty of space around you when starting this balanced workout, so you don't injure yourself if your balance is poor and you fall.

Plank exercise

Plank exercises work on several parts of the body involved in balance by strengthening core muscles and improving posture simultaneously. To do this workout routine:

  • Get on your hands and knees with your feet together, then slowly raise yourself onto your toes while keeping your arms straight (don't let them bend).
  • Keep your body as straight as possible while in this balance workout position and hold it for several seconds.
  • If the balance is an issue, try doing the plank exercises on your knees instead of your toes.

exercises to improve balance

Resistance tubing exercises

Resistance tubes workouts are another form of workout gear that helps improve balance because they require you to maintain either an upright or sideways position throughout the entire routine. Get into either an upright (chest high) or sideways (arms outstretched) balance workout position while holding resistance tubes in both hands. Slowly move your arms and legs back and forth to complete one balanced workout routine.

Balance ball chair exercises

A balance ball chair is a balance board used for balance workouts because it helps you maintain balance throughout the entire workout routine. Sit on a balance ball chair with your feet shoulder-width apart, then put your hands behind you or lean forward onto your elbows for support. In this balance workout position, try doing bicep curls with dumbbells, planks, or squats until adapted to using a balance ball for exercise. Then try balancing on the balls of your feet while sitting up straight without falling! This can be tricky, but balance workout exercises involving balance ball chair exercises are a great way to improve balance.

balance workouts

Yoga balance poses

Yoga balance poses require a strong sense of balance to keep your body in the right position. Any deviation from proper balance during each pose can cause injury. Balance is also used during each pose to maintain proper posture. Some good yoga balance poses include:

  • Standing on one foot (with eyes closed for increased difficulty).
  • Balancing on one leg with eyes closed.
  • Balancing on one leg while extending the opposite arm and opposite leg outstretched.

Each balance pose requires you to have complete control over your balance at all times so you don't fall.

Stability ball workout routines

Stability balls are another form of workout gear that helps balance because balance is used during stability ball workout routines to maintain proper balance throughout the exercise routine. Try doing pushups or squats onto a balance ball. You can also do side planks with feet resting on the balance ball for balance exercises, but this balance workout routine can be challenging even for advanced gym-goers.

Deficit deadlifts

Deadlift workouts are another form of balance workout exercise that helps improve balance by having you stand on one leg at a time while doing deadlifts and generally improving grip strength and core strength. To do deficit deadlifts, use dumbbells and put them in front of your toes with your legs shoulder-width apart. Place one foot behind you, so it's flat against the ground, and balance on this foot. With your legs tucked under the dumbbells and arms extended, stand up. Now balance yourself by putting all your weight onto one leg until you can't hold it anymore, then quickly switch to the other leg without dropping the dumbbells! Repeat balance exercises like deficit deadlifts until you're strong enough to balance on one leg for maximal benefits.

deficit deadlifts is a balance workout

Balance training machines

Balance training machines are another form of workout gear that helps improve balance because they assist with balancing workout routines, so people who have poor balance will still be able to use them properly. Try using a balance board or a balance ball as a way to work out at a gym near you. You will get not only a great workout but also balance exercises that will balance you out.


These exercises are great for balance and strength. Try them out. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel after only a few weeks of doing these simple yet effective exercises. Remember to take it slow with each exercise, as your body may not like the change in a routine right off the bat. Once you get used to the new movements, they will become easier and make balancing on two feet a more natural feeling- which is what we're working toward here.

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