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Articolo: How to lose thigh and hip fat?

reduce thigh and hip fat

How to lose thigh and hip fat?

Losing the fat in your thigh and hip region is not a walk in the park but it is doable and achievable. However, a lot of discipline, consistency, and patience are required. Fat loss comes in stages and once you have reached the target weight, you will have to maintain it for a couple of weeks to ensure that your body has fully adapted to the new weight range. If you are looking for ways how to reduce thigh and hip fat, you are in the right place.

Why do thighs and hips have more fat?

The thighs and hips are some of the most active areas of the body. They contain a lot of muscle, but this is not enough to prevent them from containing too much fat. This can be attributed to genetics since some individuals are prone to having more adipose tissues than others. Moreover, these areas have more adipose tissues as a protective mechanism to help keep your body warm by storing excess calories when it is cold outside.

10 ways to lose thigh and hip fat

1) Drink Water

Drinking water is an important part of losing thigh and hip fat. You should limit your alcoholic intake and try to drink as much water as possible. Avoid sodas and carbonated drinks because they are full of sugar. Carbonated drinks are the worst enemy when it comes to losing thigh and hip fat.

2) Walk More

Walking involves a lot of your leg muscles and it helps in the breakdown of fat stored in the thigh and hip muscles. Walk short distances several times a day. The average person burns between 500-and 600 calories just by walking for a few minutes.

3) Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic exercises such as jogging, running, or swimming helps to burn fat from your thighs and hips. During aerobics, your heart rate increases, which helps in the breakdown of fat. This is a great exercise for women looking to lose fat on their thigh and hip area.

Cardio exercises are also a great way to lose fat from your thighs and hips. They include:

  • jogging
  • running
  • swimming
  • elliptical training
  • biking
  • cycling
  • yoga
  • kickboxing
  • Zumba

4) Strength Training

Strength training exercises or resistance training can help in burning fat from the thigh and hip area. The primary muscle to work on is the quadriceps and they are located at the front of your thigh and patella (kneecap). Activities like barbell squats, deadlifts, and overhead presses are great exercises for this area. It is important to perform these exercises at least 3-to 4 times a week.

5) Resistance Tube Training or Liposuction

Liposuction is a great fat loss technique for the thigh and hip area. For the thigh liposuction, the ideal amount of fat to remove is about 30-35mls. It is usually performed in two different lengths (moderate and short). The moderate length is recommended with a low-moderate volume to give the most natural result. For the hip liposuction, the ideal amount of fat to remove is about 60mls. It is usually performed in two different lengths (short and extra short). The short length can be done with a high volume or moderate volume depending on your preference.

6) Weight Loss Supplementation

Some supplements have been shown to help in fat loss in the thigh and hip area. Some of the supplements include hydroxy citric acid, Garcinia cambogia, conjugated linoleic acid, and capsaicin. Ensure that you are taking only a few supplements at a time because if you are taking too many it can be difficult to balance your diet and may influence the effectiveness of fat loss.

7) Dieting

Diet is one of the most effective ways to lose thigh and hip fat. Ensure that you are following a calorie-controlled diet, which involves keeping the calories that you take in or burn from your own body under control. And ensure that you consume healthy foods such as lean meat, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. Always endeavor to have your last meal before the sun goes down. The longer you wait to eat after waking up the more fat you burn in a day.

8) Green Tea

Green tea is another effective fat loss supplement that can be used to help in the loss of thigh and hip fat. It contains polyphenols, which have thermogenic effects on the body. It has high levels of polyphenols called epigallocatechin gallate; it also contains caffeine. It also has anti-oxidant properties which help promote healthy skin and lower bad cholesterol levels in the body to maintain a healthy heart. This can be done by ensuring that you drink a minimum of 3 cups of green tea per day.

9) High-intensity interval training

High-intensity interval training burns more calories than slow steady-state aerobic exercise. It is an effective fat burner because it increases your metabolism and helps you boost your body's fat-burning functions. You can do this type of exercise as long as you are not pregnant. This requires a lot of energy, so it is best done first thing in the morning.

10) Weight Training

Weight training exercises such as weights, dumbbells, and resistance bands can help in the loss of fat on your thigh and hip areas. Weight training is a great way to burn fat because it is more effective than aerobic exercise. This is because it focuses on one muscle at a time, which means less energy is required. Also, weight training gives you better results. Exercises like squats, lunges, and other leg raise will help in the loss of thigh and hip fat.


For those women who are looking to get rid of the thigh and hip fat, you should ensure that you try some of the techniques listed in this article. It is important to remember that not all techniques will work for everyone. It is ideal to consult your doctor before trying any of these techniques on how to lose thigh and hip fat.


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