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Article: How to show off your abs on instagram?

show off your muscles on instagram

How to show off your abs on instagram?

You’ve just completed your workout and you feel on top of the world! Those feel-good endorphins are working overtime and you want to share your muscle pump with the world. Taking a post-workout fitness selfie can be inspiring and fun! Your abs are popping through after weeks of hard work and taking a photo to document your success can be rewarding and beneficial in many different ways.

Why do we need to take a post-workout selfie?


Body positivity is all the rage right now. Loving your body despite its shape or size is something everyone can tune into and reap benefits from. Think of the following questions and ask yourself if they sound familiar. After your sweat session, do you feel like your body is not good enough to post an Instagram workout selfie? Are you comparing yourself to mega muscular ultra-shredded fitness models? Forget that noise and society’s standards of beauty and be proud of what you have accomplished! Snap that photo of your abs! You got up and broke a sweat in the name of fun and health and your body is going to thank you later for it. Taking a gym selfie can definitely empower you to feel confident and be happy with your body.


We all have fitness goals we want to achieve. Whether the goal is a faster mile time, heavier weight to lift, or fat loss, we can record our development through progress photos. Taking pictures is a highly underrated way to measure progress especially when talking about fat loss. When we are simultaneously losing fat and gaining muscle, the scale often does not show the numbers we want to see. However, if you take measurements of your body (such as your waist or neck) and if you combine that with taking daily or weekly photos, you will see that huge progress is being made.


We all have days where we would rather stay in bed or sit on the couch than go work out. We easily forget that working out boosts our immune system and will actually make us feel better, not to mention more accomplished. While you are lounging around and wasting time on your phone, you may scroll past a workout selfie that you posted last week. You see that you are sweaty, smiling, and looking good. This may inspire you to get up off your booty and change into those yoga pants. Getting up and deciding to work out is the hardest step for many. Who knew those workout selfies could actually help you be consistent with your fitness?

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How to show off your abs on Instagram?

Step 1: Good Lighting

So, you have been putting in extra work to grow and define your ab muscles. Core workouts are killer! Naturally, you want to show off your hard work and your tight mid-section. How can you best show off your abs on Instagram? The answer is natural lighting. Natural lighting is the best kind of lighting to show off the sculpting on your abs. Harsh fluorescent lights from above at the gym are not doing you any favors. Try to find a window at the gym to snap a selfie. Natural light offers sharp shadows so your muscles look bigger and more distinct.

Step 2: Exhale & Flex

The next time you capture your sculpted abs on camera, be sure to stand in a way that looks effortless and then exhale. Exhaling is a sure-fire way to make your abs pop. Properly flexing can also display your abdominal muscles, however, exhaling in addition to flexing ensures that every last muscle group is showing, especially your obliques.

Step 3: Filters

Instagram offers a wide variety of filters that can help you display your abs. Clarendon is a filter that famously brightens photos and can be used effectively to present your core strength in a workout selfie. The Lo-Fi filter adds warmth which accentuates your natural tan and highlights the details in your muscles. Finally, the Oslo filter is also a popular one that increases contrast for a more subtle look that doesn’t make your skin look unnatural.

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Tips to get the best fitness selfie

Express your style

Fitness is sexy! To keep up with the times, activewear apparel has come a long way from frumpy joggers and sweatpants to form-fitting yoga pants of all kinds of prints and colors. Demonstrate your personal stylishness through clothing to get the best fitness selfie! Get creative with your workout gear and you would be surprised how you can dress for both function and style! Popular ways to showcase your personality through exercise apparel are by picking a great-looking shoe. Wearing neon sneakers can pump you up for a workout and also look vivacious in an Instagram selfie. There are so many motivational workout slogans you can buy such as a moisture-wicking tank top that says “Make Muscles, Not Excuses”. Get sweaty and risque with a vibrant zip-up sports bra that you can get from FIRM ABS. Whatever you choose to wear to pump you up to get sweaty, be sure to wear it with confidence! And that leads us to our next tip.


The best way to show off your abs on Instagram is to be confident! Yes, your confidence will shine through onto the camera lens and everyone will be able to tell that you have an iron-strong self-assurance within you. Your muscles may not look like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s (yet) but you have the confidence to display them anyway because you believe in health and fitness. Moving your body regularly is one of the best things you can do for your health and well-being. Confident people take care of themselves, know their self-worth, and derive pleasure from their accomplishments. Being fit in today’s excessively convenient world is a huge accomplishment.


Exercise is a reward! We should feel great after moving our bodies because working out is a testament to what we can do! Our range of motion, mobility, strength, and flexibility are things we should not take for granted. When you take a fitness selfie, make sure to flash those pearly whites for the camera! Show your happiness and excitement to work out. That kind of passion and energy is contagious and hopefully we can inspire the world to be fitter, stronger, and healthier.

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