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Article: Which is better, yoga or gym

which is better, yoga or gym

Which is better, yoga or gym

If you want to remain fit physically, you need to have a work out. There are many options for a woman to stay fit such as exercising in the gym, yoga and sports. It all depends with what you prefer more. If you want to start working out there are high chances that you are in a dilemma wondering which is the best type of work out and if it will work best for you. However, yoga has become very famous among women these days, where most of them have enrolled. Many people wonder if going to the gym has more benefits than going for yoga. In this article, we shall discuss which type of work out works best for you.

Benefits of yoga

When you start yoga, you get a yoga therapist who will help you gain some health benefits and other benefits as whole. Here are some benefits of joining yoga;

  • Yoga can reduce arthritis symptoms where by it will reduce the pain and reduce discomfort on people with swollen joints caused by arthritis.
  • Yoga can improve strength and stability. Yoga involves taking slow and deep breathes. The breathes help you increase the blood flow in your body and muscles get warmed up. When you hold some pose, strength is built in your body.
  • Back pain is relieved through yoga. Yoga basically involves stretch your body as whole which helps to reduce back pains. If you sit in the office for the whole day, yoga will help you relax you back. Yoga as one of the best methods to get rid of chronic back pain.
  • Some main contributors of heart problems are high blood pressure and gaining too much weight. Practicing yoga helps in reducing stress and body inflammations.
  • Through yoga, you will relax which will give you a better sleep. Yoga will prepare you for bed which helps you have a good sleep after a long day of taking care of family or work.
  • Yoga helps you manage stress. Yoga boosts your mental health and improves your eating behavior which ensures that stay healthy.
  • Yoga helps you boost your connection with your community around. When you participate in yoga and attend yoga classes, gets rid of loneliness and helps you get to know more people. You can get new friends who you can share with your frustrations.

Pros of working out in the gym

You can access all the equipment

When you visit the gym, you can choose the best equipment that will work best for your body. If you love exercising at times you might choose staying in the house but you may lack enough space for equipment.

Visiting the gym will help you follow the routine

When you plan going for workouts at the gym, you and your instructor will plan a schedule that you need to follow. When you work out at home at times you may feel lazy or have something else to work on. You can plan hours when you are free maybe after taking the kids to school or during lunch break.

You will make friends who will encourage you to continue working out

You meet people at the gym who will be your workout buddies and friends. You might meet a new best friend in the gym. You might meet other neighbors who will remind you of your workout sessions and as well go to the gym together.

Working out in the gym makes you sweat

When you sweat, it means that you are burning some calories which is a good health sign. It ensures that blood circulation is enhanced and other toxins are exploded.

Cons of working out at the gym

You have to pay some amount

Gyms are a bit expensive since you have to pay for the instructor and the location that you work out.

Too many people

Working out in the gym might be awkward especially if you are not used to many people. This might demotivate you from going to the gym.

Yoga vs. gym, which one is better?

  • Yoga will help you stay fresh and energetic which boosts your mood while gym ensures that you are physically fit, healthy and stiff.
  • When you go for yoga classes, you leave the classes less tired while after gym you are tired since it involves physical activities that need a lot of energy.
  • You can do yoga as you travel at any place you wish while working out at the gym may need specific equipment. When you travel, unless you visit another gym to get the equipment.
  • In case you stop practicing yoga there are less chances of experiencing withdrawals while if you stop going to the gym, you might experience body pains and certain soreness on your joints.
  • Yoga can be practiced by people of all ages while gym is not suitable for older people or people with blood pressure issues.
  • Yoga is less expensive since it does not require many equipment, unlike gym is expensive because there are many equipment that need to be available.

Similarities between gym and yoga

  • Both gym and yoga will help you build your physical strength thus making your body gain more health benefits.
  • Yoga and gym will help you reduce the chances of getting health complications such as back aches. You avoid health issues that may become long-term.
  • You can release stress through both yoga and workout. This will boost your mental health which will improve your relationships with other people.
  • With yoga and gym, you become disciplined since there is a routine to follow. You are also encouraged to follow a specific diet which will keep your body healthy.


Yoga and gym have health benefits that will serve you on a long-term basis. Yoga and gym make you follow a routine and meet new people who might end up becoming best friends for life. For yoga, it is cheaper since less equipment are required unlike gym. With both you will gain physical fitness and reduce stress which boosts your mental health.

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