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Article: How to squeeze in exercise during work?

how to squeeze in exercise during work

How to squeeze in exercise during work?

Most people do not get the time to exercise these days. Their work often takes up most of their time. However, what if there is a way to squeeze in exercise during work? The good news is that there is certainly a way to do so. The post below will highlight ten different ways to squeeze exercise during work so that altering the daily schedule is not a necessity for exercising.

There are numerous ways, like turning the commute into exercise, using the lunch hour, opting for a stability ball instead of a chair, switching to a standing desk, and so on. The post below will highlight these ways to squeeze in exercise.

1. Turn the commute into exercise

A good option is cycling to work. That way, anyone can exercise on the way to work without spending any extra time. Another advantage of bicycling to work is that it can save a significant amount of money. Most cities have dedicated cycling lanes, making it easy for anyone to use a bicycle to work.

In most cases, the distance between an individual's workplace and home is not that great and can be navigated by a bicycle. If the distance is large, one can bicycle from home to the public transport depot or station and then take public transport. Using a bicycle for commute is the easiest way to squeeze in exercise during the workday.

2. Use the lunch hour

Suppose one wants to exercise specifically while at the office, the lunch hour is the best way. One can easily get a membership to the nearest gym or go for a run or speed walk during that hour. Many offices these days have gyms and therefore exercising during the lunch hour isn't going to be an issue.

3. Use a stability ball while working

One can easily replace the chair with a stability ball. Doing so ensures that the individual is forced to maintain proper posture. Also, the spine alignment becomes better when sitting on the stability ball.

Sitting consistently on the stability ball also strengthens the core muscles of the body and improves balance. Sitting on a stability ball for an hour can be considered a low-intensity abdominal workout. Without doing anything extra, one can easily exercise simply by sitting on the stability ball instead of a chair.

4. Use a standing desk

Most people are accustomed to working from a desk and chair set up. The problem is that sitting for long hours in the same chair can make one sedentary and lead to lifestyle diseases. A better option is to use a standing desk in between. That way, one can move around a bit, maintain proper standing posture and break the monotony of consistent sitting. Most offices have such a standing desk.

Moving between the standing desk and the usual desk also leads to at least some movement; therefore, the excessive pressure of consistently sitting in a single place is eliminated. Additionally, standing certainly burns more calories compared to setting, so one can consider it a light cardio workout.

5. Conduct meeting while walking or standing

Meetings take up a lot of time for an average employee. That is why one of the easiest ways to squeeze in exercise is to hold meetings while walking or standing. This is a dual benefit. Firstly, more calories will be burnt. Secondly, the meetings will be over at a faster pace.

6. Move around in between

Sadly, most people spend most of the time in their chairs in the office. This can lead to a lot of problems as well as a sedentary lifestyle. Merely walking for five minutes every hour or so, one can provide a little bit of exercise to their body and burn a few calories in the process. Even if one does not want to opt for any cumbersome exercise routine at the office, by following this app and gradually increasing the frequency of walks, one can burn calories and lead a more active lifestyle.

7. Stretch in between

Sure enough, carrying dumbbells to the office or any other exercise equipment is not easy. However, there are a few simple exercises that anyone can practice while at the office. Merely stretching the body and bending down to touch toes is a good exercise, to begin with.

Stretching regularly when in office has multiple benefits. These include:

  • Stretching increases the blood circulation of the body.
  • Stretching reduces the probability of injuries.
  • Stretching helps maintain energy levels for a longer period.

By stretching, one can get numerous benefits, which is why it is a must when in office.

8. Use the stairs whenever possible

The best way to burn calories during the working day is to use the stairs whenever possible. Instead of taking the elevator, by taking the stairs, the number of calories burned increases drastically, resulting in less fat deposition.

If taking the stairs at the start of the day is not feasible, one can do so while heading home or during the lunch break when the cafeteria is on a different floor. Those individuals whose offices are located on the higher floors can alight from the elevator a couple of floors below their office level and climb the remaining stairs. This step's simplicity and effectiveness can certainly help anyone lead an active lifestyle even if they have a busy schedule.

9. Repeat chair squats

Remember the motion that anyone follows while sitting on the chair. Instead of sitting on the chair completely, just touch the chair and lift the body once again. This is what is known as chair squats. Merely by doing multiple sets of ten chair squats, one can burn a significant number of calories even without leaving their desk.

10. Go with workplace yoga

Workplace yoga is specifically designed for practice in offices. For the same, one would need a small space and a mat. The sessions of workplace yoga only last for five minutes. These include:

One can either practice workplace yoga on a stand-alone basis or speak with HR to conduct such sessions at the workplace. Yoga is one of the best ways to squeeze in some exercise at office.

Thus, even if most people spend the bulk of their day at the workplace, they can still squeeze in some exercise and remain fit. Using the guide above, there is no need to second-guess how to do so. The guide above answers the question of how to squeeze in exercise during work and provides multiple ways to do so. Now is the time to stay fit no matter how busy the work schedule is.

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