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Article: How to warm up before exercising?

How to warm up before exercising?

How to warm up before exercising?

When you are running out of time, you will be tempted to say no to warm up and go straight for the workout. However, as you do so, you will find an enhancement in the risks for injuries. It will lead to additional strain upon the muscles. As you make preparations to exercise, it is a prerequisite to ease the muscles. Therefore, it will be useful to you to enter into the exercise mode.

As you do so, you will be capable of reaping different fitness benefits. Whether you are planning to go for strength training or a cardio workout, you should learn the below-mentioned tips. They are beneficial for people who want to know how to warm up before exercising.

Benefits of warm up before exercising

The risks of injury will reduce as you go for warm up before exercising. Warming up, plays an integral role in bringing an improvement in the muscle elasticity. It will provide the prerequisite choice for effective cooling. Hence, you can be ensured that you do not hurt yourself accidently during the process.

Enhancing flexibility

Warming up enhances the flow of blood to the muscles. It will provide excellent option to the body in enhancing the flexibility during workout.

Tackling heavy duty machines at the gym

As you perform warm up during exercises, it will be useful to you in spending an ample amount of time at the gym. Warming up assures that both the mind and body are in the prerequisite state for handling the gym equipments.

Warmup and cool down

Warmups include executing different kinds of activities at the reduced pace, thereby reducing the intensity. As you warm the body, you will be capable of preparing the body to execute different kinds of aerobic activities. The warmup exercises play an integral role in reviving the cardiovascular system with the increase in the body temperature, thereby enhancing blood flow into the muscles.

Warmup Exercises before Workout

Side Exercises

Such kinds of exercises are useful in strengthening the hips, glutes, and legs. It is possible to perform the very few lunges by going about half way down, after which you should move towards the full lunge.

warmup exercises side exercises


It is regarded as a classic warm up exercise which is known to work upon the glutes, core, and upper parts of the body. If you want to do it without any challenges, you will be capable of performing pushups upon the knees.

warm up stretches

Slower paced walking

If you want to go for a brisk walk, the warmup involves slower-paced walking. To execute different types of intense activities like jogging and running, you should enhance the intensity from the resting phase to the next.

Suppose you are planning to perform exercises that do not involve a plethora of aerobic activities. In that case, the cat and cow sequences are helpful in loosening the spine and different joints so that you can prepare for different demanding motions. However, if you are looking forward to going for the weightlifting workout, you should opt for a range of various motion exercises, like knee lifts and shoulder rolls.

warm up before workout slower paced walking


Planks are regarded as outstanding warm-up exercises to build back and core strength. It plays an integral role in bringing an improvement in posture and balance. If you want to execute the plank, you should make sure to enter into the pushup position.

The newbies should begin by accomplishing the plank upon the knees. If you want to be more advanced, you can execute the plank on the forearms. In addition to this, you can execute the high plank, where the arms are fully extended. Other than this, you can keep the toes and palms on the ground firmly.

It is also necessary to keep the back straight. It is a prerequisite to keep different core muscles tight. Moreover, you should allow the back sag and head in the downward direction. Also, you require holding the plank for about 30 sec to about one minute.

dynamic warm up pushups


Squats are recognized to be versatile exercises, which are known to target either of the muscles within the lower body, which includes the glutes, hamstrings, quads, to name a few. You can execute the very few squats easily as you do halfway down. After this, you will enhance the difficulties slowly.

Next, you should ensure that the last few ones are full squats. If you want to execute the squat, you should stand with the feet after the hip-width. After this, you require turning the toes to the face in the forward direction. You should keep the back part straight next to which you should reduce the hips until the thighs remain parallel to the floor. Now, you require pausing with the knees over the toes briefly. Again, you require exhaling and standing at the back part.

warm up before workout

Jogging leg lifts

They are believed to be the prerequisite choice to get the heart pumping. These warm up exercises play an integral role in bringing an improvement in the circulation across the body.

If you are wondering how to warm up in the gym, you should refer to the tips mentioned above. In addition, if you want to run warmup before exercises, it helps improve muscle elasticity. It is also effective in bringing an improvement in workout performance. In addition to this, it is helpful in improving flexibility.

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