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Article: The benefits of active recovery after exercise

what is active recovery

The benefits of active recovery after exercise

What is active recovery?

These types of exercises use low-impact workouts to help with recovery after an intense workout. These types of exercises can include things like yoga, swimming or walking. They are considered to be more beneficial than having a period of inactivity for quite a few different reasons.

The Benefits Of Active Recovery After Exercise

1. Reduces The Amount Of Lactic Acid That Builds Up In The Muscles

After an intense workout, lactic acid can build up and cause the body to release hydrogen ions. These ions can make a person feel fatigued and have painful muscle contractions. Those who participate in less intense exercises after a hardcore workout can keep this from happening. They will not have to deal with downtime between workouts because their body is not up to it. They may also find that they are able to perform better during their next intense workout.

2. Decreases Exercise Boredom

Many people forgo working out because they get bored. They find it is difficult to get excited to do the same types of exercises every single day. Exercises like yoga or swimming allow them to change things up a bit. They can alternate between doing strenuous activities one day to doing easier workouts the next day. They are less likely to put off exercising because they have become bored with it.

3. Increases Stamina For Intense Workouts

While many people have lofty goals of being able to lift a certain amount of weight or having the ability to run in a marathon, they may find that they just do not have the stamina to complete these goals. Fortunately, less intense exercises can help. They will gradually allow individuals to increase the amount of time that they are able to participate in more intense workouts. If they are consistent with their active recovery workouts, they may see results in as little as a week or two.

4. Improves Overall Flexibility

It is not uncommon for many individuals to struggle during exercise sessions because they are not very flexible, and they have a difficult time trying to do certain exercises correctly. Exercises that focus on flexibility rather than increasing the heart rate can be very beneficial. Yoga is a great exercise for those that have issues with flexibility. For these types of exercises, it is imperative that the individual wears clothing that allows them to have a full range of motion. FIRM ABS activewear can be a great choice. This type of clothing is made for workouts and does not hinder an individual’s ability to fully participate in a workout. It will allow them to be focused on their workout rather than trying to fix their clothing because it does not fit properly.

benefits of active recovery

5. Reduces Soreness And Lessens Recovery Time

Soreness often comes after an intense workout. Unfortunately, it can last for days, and it may make it difficult for an individual to complete even the simplest of tasks. This soreness can keep them from working out on a consistent basis as they just do not want to deal with it. Fortunately, they can still do other types of exercises to reduce soreness. Walking, biking and stretching can increase circulation throughout the body and help with recovery. These types of exercises can lessen the amount of downtime someone needs after completing an intense workout.

6. Provides An Outlet To Deal With Stress

Many individuals have to deal with a lot of stress on a daily basis. They may turn to unhealthy habits as a way to deal with them. For those that are looking for a healthy outlet to relieve stress, they may find that light exercises in between hardcore workout sessions are very beneficial. They will allow the body to release endorphins that can change their overall mindset. Even a 15 minute active recovery workout can help them eliminate stress.

7. Burns A Significant Amount Of Calories

A lot of people do not realize that they do not have to only focus on intense workouts to burn calories. Active recovery exercises can burn a significant amount of calories as well. By alternating intense workouts with easier exercises, an individual can continue to be physically active throughout the week without having to take days off to rest and recover.

8. Helps Maintain A Consistent Exercise Routine

It can be difficult for a lot of people to want to workout after taking a day or two off to recover from an intense exercise session. By utilizing an easier workout instead of taking time off, it can help them maintain an exercise routine. They may find that they have the motivation to workout since they are so used to being physically active in some way every single day.

There are numerous benefits of active recovery workouts. They can help an individual relieve soreness and inflammation without having to take time off from working out. These types of exercises also burn calories, improve flexibility and stamina, decrease boredom and relieve stress. By participating in some of these exercises, individuals can achieve their fitness goals and improve their overall quality of life.

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