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Article: Why do runners wear tight clothes?

Why do runners wear tight clothes?

Why do runners wear tight clothes?

Amateur runners and professionals always stick to tight clothes for practice sessions or professional tournaments. Globally, tight clothes for runners are the norm. But why is it so? Let's find out in the post below.

Why do runners wear tight clothes?

1. Comfort

Loose-fitted clothes can ride up while running. That can make the runner uncomfortable. Also, the loose clothing moving around will result in friction on the skin. It can be distracting.

On the other hand, tight clothes eliminate any friction. They remain in place no matter how fast the runner moves. That is why; the comfort level is certainly high in tight clothes. The absence of discomfort helps the runner focus better on improving the speed rather than having to worry about other things.

2. More warmth

The running tights or running clothes usually consist of thermal fabric that can insulate the runner from the weather conditions. Running tights are breathable, but they trap some body heat resulting in better temperature management. In cold weather, this means more warmth. The warmth the tight clothes provide can help the runner better regulate the body temperature, which will improve the runner's performance.

3. Better weather protection

In the point above, the performance of running tights in cold weather is well articulated. That is because of the thermal fabric in use. Apart from that, running tights provide insulation from the rain.

The question which arises is, what about summers?

In summers, most runners stick to short variants of the running tights. These provide proper ventilation, thereby helping them keep their body cool. Since they are breathable to a certain extent, they protect the runner from the hot weather outside. The point is, tight clothes for runners are designed to help them in any weather. That is why runners often stick to tight clothes.

4. Better blood circulation

Tight clothes for runners are designed in such a way that they compress the skin and the muscles. Consequently, the blood circulation is improved, and the muscles are warm. The improved blood circulation helps the runner better control the muscles and reduces the probability of suffering from cramps.

5. Aerodynamic design

Professional runners need to stay ahead of the competition even if it is a millisecond. For the same, they need aerodynamic clothes. The stance and posture runners attain while running are designed to provide the least wind resistance.

When such runners wear clothes as close to their skin as possible (tights), the clothes become aerodynamic to a certain extent and do not slow down the runners. This is one of the primary reasons why runners always stick to tight clothes.

Now that the reasons are clear, it is time to understand how to pick the right running clothes.

How to pick the right running clothes?

Since numerous options are available regarding tight clothes for runners, it is essential to understand what to consider while comparing such clothes. Judging the clothing options based on the factors covered below makes it easy to buy the right clothes for running.

1. Material

Contrary to popular opinion, tight clothes can be made from different materials like polyester spandex. Therefore, the first factor to consider is the material in use.

Polyester is a fabric that dries quickly and absorbs sweat, thus helping the runner remain dry. The downside to polyester is that its breathability varies depending on the variant. Also, it can get sticky.

Spandex, on the other hand, compresses the muscles and improves blood circulation, making it easier for runners to travel long distances. The disadvantage of spandex is that it can trap moisture resulting in an unpleasant odor.

There are a few other alternatives, like a combination of nylon and spandex, but those have disadvantages as well. When deciding which running clothes to buy, one should primarily weigh the pros and cons of both these materials and then take a call.

2. Fit

Running clothes should be tight. However, there is a difference between being tight and being uncomfortable. Always choose the size such that the clothes are tight and not uncomfortable.

3. Quality

Most women opt for the most affordable running tights they can find. The problem in doing so is that usually, these tights are of substandard quality and suffer from extensive wear and tear. This is especially true for fabric around the sensitive areas which will start tearing sooner than the rest of the tights.

In the longer run, buying such tights will cost more. A better approach is to go with high-quality tights. There are a handful of ways to judge the quality of the tights. These include:

  • Always buy running clothes from a trusted brand that has been around for quite some time.
  • Go through the reviews of that brand and the particular garment before taking a call.
  • If any fraying or loose stitching is visible, return the garment immediately.

These three simple tips will help anyone buy good quality running clothes without experimenting with different garments.

4. Durability

Usually, it is the stitching of the running garment that frays first. That is why, when buying a running garment, go for a double-stitched or triple-stitched garment. Apart from that, certain materials like polyester and spandex are designed for rough use. Prefer them over others.

Once again, the size that the runner takes matters a lot in this case. If the running clothes are tight to the point of discomfort, they will also suffer from extensive wear and tear. Such running clothes will not last for a long time. That is why it is better to choose the right size.

5. Cost

Considering all these factors is great, but everyone has a fixed budget. While cost shouldn't be the only criteria for choosing running clothes, it is a factor to consider while comparing the shortlisted options. These parameters, when considered, will make it easy for anyone to buy the right running clothes.


The guide above highlights precisely why tight clothes for runners are a better choice than loose ones. Additionally, anyone looking to buy such clothes can refer to the guide above to choose the right ones for themselves. It is time to enjoy the experience of running by choosing the right clothes.

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