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Article: How to start running: running tips for beginner

how to start jogging

How to start running: running tips for beginner

Are you new to running? Even for people who are coming back to running after a break, trying to learn how to start running can be somewhat difficult. For those who don't quite know what to do when it comes to getting started with running, this article can give you several tips when it comes to learning how to start jogging.

10 Running Tips for Beginners

1. Get the Right Running Gear

First and foremost, get a pair of running shoes that fit your feet comfortably. Make sure these shoes fit your feet the right way and fit your particular running style. To buy these shoes, visit a running gear store so that you can get a gait analysis done. As you get your shoe fitting completed, you will be able to find the very best running shoes for you.

Try to find good recommendations for running gear such as leggings, shorts, socks, and sports bras. Buy clothes and socks that are made of wicking materials. These materials allow you to stay dry and comfortable as you run.

2. Using the Run/Walk Method

Those people who are brand new to running should start out by combining running with intervals of walking periods. This acts as a great strategy to build up their endurance while putting less stress on the joints while maintaining a comfortable intensity level.

To start, alternate with one minute of minute and one of walking. As you go along on your run, increase the intervals of running. When a run/walk combination is done, joggers can not only cover more distance, but they can also get in a decent workout. When learning how to start running for beginners, joggers can build up both their fitness and their confidence to run for longer periods of time without extended intervals of walking.

3. Choose Realistic Training Goals

When someone starts running, they should not immediately set out to run a full marathon as their first race. By setting too large a goal right when someone starts running, they will make it a lot more likely that they will injure themselves from overtraining. Plus, it can be demotivating to go from running one mile to running six miles without any walking intervals. So when starting out, setting realistic training goals is the best way to ensure that one stays on their fitness goals for the long haul.

4. Join a Running Club

One thing a lot of new runners should consider is joining a social running club. These days, most cities and towns have free running clubs that meet on any and every day of the week. For many of these clubs, they focus more on the fun of running in social spaces as opposed to speed and the number of miles logged. People who want running tips for beginner would do well to join one of these groups in their area. They can often find other beginner runners who are in the exact same boat as them.

running tips for beginner

5. Be Patient With Your Progress

By progressing slowly, beginning runners better ensure that they stay injury-free as they go about their daily fitness goals. Runners just starting out should not increase their running output by more than 10% every week. For example, a runner who logs ten miles in a week should not run more than eleven miles the next week.

It's also vital that beginners have plenty of rest days laced within their week. Many people get too carried away with their training. This can lead to injury if one is not careful. One can also overtrain, which can cause undue stress on the joints in addition to injury.

6. Incorporate Strength Into Your Running Routine

Runners who incorporate strength training into their running schedule once a week will not only reduce their chance of injury, but will also make them progress in their running over time. But don't overtrain in this area. Excessive strength training can impact the quality of a person's running.

7. Have Correct Posture As You Run

When you run, make sure your posture is upright. Lift your head. Make sure that your back is tall and long. Make sure that your shoulders are both level and relaxed. Neutralize your pelvis. Don't lean forward at your waist.

8. Celebrate The Victories, Big and Small

As a beginner runner, it is absolutely vital that you celebrate every victory, large and small. Doing this will not only increase motivation over time. More progress will also be made.

A victory doesn't have to consist of running ten miles in a day. They can be as small as running another half-mile when you didn't want to or going for a run when it was really pouring rain outside. Some of the ways that beginning runners can celebrate their victories include a couple of episodes of their favorite new show on Netflix, having a sweet treat for dessert, or leaving some of their least favorite chores until the next day.

9. Don't Worry Too Much About Side Aches

Many runners will experience some side aches as they go on their runs. To prevent them, refrain from eating about two hours before you go for your run. Only drink small amounts of water. If you get a side ache on a run, start walking. Press your hands against the ache. Keep walking until the pain goes away.

10. Have Fun!

All of the running will be for naught if runners don't find ways to have fun. Try gamifying your runs. Reward yourself for going farther than you originally planned. Invite a friend to go for a run. By finding levity in your runs, you can better ensure that you will stick with jogging for a long time.

Beginning runners may find that following this new fitness routine is somewhat difficult. But by taking things one day at a time, making progress over time, and finding ways to celebrate every victory, new runners may find that running can turn into one of their favorite activities.

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