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Article: 5 barriers to working out & how to overcome them

5 barriers to working out & how to overcome them

5 barriers to working out & how to overcome them

Everyone knows that working out is a good thing, but with the barriers put up by society, it can be difficult to set aside time to exercise. Overcoming barriers to working out is key to success. With good exercising tips, your body will feel stronger and more fit, your mind will become clearer and your mood will get better. Working out is in fact a wonderful thing, the perception that it can make you feel bad is just up to you to overcome. The human mind is made to think and feel, if you have a positive outlook on working out, then it will help you become fitter and healthier

Barrier 1: The Gym Sucks

One of the most common barriers to working out is the gym not being fun. Believe it or not, the gym can be an extremely fun place to go. There are tons of different options from free weights to cardio equipment and machines. When you are at the gym, it is a good idea to have fun with people as well. Go to different classes and find something that interests you so that you don't spend every moment in silence. Here are some tips on how to overcome the gym barrier:

i. Always have a plan

Don't just go to the gym and wander around not knowing what you're doing. Everyone at the gym is there to work out, so it's important that you have a plan. Ideally, have a workout schedule where you go every day at the same time. Not only will this habituate your mind to working out, but it will also improve your organization in the process.

ii. Find a friend

It's always good to have another person with you for motivation or if you get tired and want to leave during your workout session. A friend can also provide a little more privacy, like if you want to change clothes. Or, some people just want a partner, in general, to work out with. These are just some reasons why working out with a friend is great.

iii. Be optimistic

Be optimistic about working out, especially if it's new to you. The gym can be an intimidating place at first, so people take their time on their first few visits because they are afraid that they will get hurt.

Barrier 2: Exercising Takes Your Time

Working out takes time, no matter what type of person you are. If you have the time and energy to work out then it will probably be worth your while to try it out. Here are some great tips on how to overcome the barrier of time:

i. Make a schedule

Make a schedule of your week, and which way you're going to work out. You should find a way that works best for you, whether it be every other day or Monday, Wednesday, or Friday. If you have a friend to work out with, then it is a good idea to make appointments with each other for your workouts so that you can know beforehand when you are going. It also makes it easier for you to find the time when you just want to waste it for no reason.

ii. Walk more

Make a habit of walking every day before working out. Walking is great for strengthening your muscles. It doesn't have to be long, just a couple of miles throughout the day will work.

iii. Use the gym machines

If you are someone who has made it to the gym, then make use of all the machines they have there. You can choose to work out with them or without depending on what you're feeling at the time.

Barrier 3: Exercise Doesn't Work

There is a common misconception that if you don't work out for a long time, then you will lose all of the weight or become weak. However, that is not true. If you don't feel like doing any exercise, then do it anyway. The whole point of the exercise is to be healthy, so if you stop exercising without any good reason then it's not going to help anything. There are some tips on how to overcome this barrier:

i. Have short workout sessions

Even if you don't feel like doing anything and just want to sit on the couch, then do some push-ups or crunches. You can also have a friend push you to work out, this will get you motivated.

ii. Do what fits your lifestyle

Try to find a routine that fits into your schedule and one that is enjoyable for your body. If it's something that doesn't fit into your lifestyle, then it's just not going to happen at all.

iii. Find a way to stay motivated

If you find that even after finding motivation, it's not working out, then find a new way to keep going. Whether it be on the television or in your own mind, keep going even if for no reason at all.

Barrier 4: You Can't Afford To Work Out

There are many barriers that people put up when they don't want to work out or maintain their fitness. This may be due to time restraints or a lack of funds. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to exercise or even start working out. Here are some ways that you can overcome this barrier:

i. Do things for free

Find things to do outside of the gym which is actually working out. For example, if it's nice outside, then go swimming in a pool. Or if you want to lift weights without going to the gym, just go and get some dumbbells and do it in your backyard or at home.

ii. Don't buy a lot of equipment

Try to get the most out of your gym without having to spend a lot of money. Talk to other people who are at the gym and see what they suggest, use their equipment and avoid yours as much as possible.

iii. Don't go all out

When you do work out and it's not going well, then don't overdo it. If you want to make your workout last longer then do the same movements over and over again. The key is to get a good workout without killing yourself or getting injured while doing it.

Barrier 5: You're Too Busy At The Time Of Day

There are many barriers to exercise that people put up when they don't want to work out or maintain their fitness. This may be due to time restraints or a lack of funds. The good news is that you don't have to spend a lot of money to exercise or even start working out. Here are some ways that you can overcome this barrier:

i. Make appointments

Don't wait for yourself to be ready or motivated enough to work out, set an appointment and force yourself not to break it. For example, if you like working out in the morning and it's too busy then go at night when there is no one else around.

ii. Workout at night

Go after work or before work, this will make it easier for you to fit your workout in. If by doing a workout before you go to bed then you don't have to worry about getting up early the next day.

iii. Make a buddy

As mentioned earlier, working out with friends is a great way to overcome this barrier. It helps if one member is already working out and can keep the other motivated on their own.

Most of these fitness barriers will not be a problem for everyone. For example, if you feel that the gym is too expensive then maybe you can afford to work out but feel like you don't have time. You may also find that walking outside works out better than the gym. Since everyone is different, there are no rules on how to overcome each barrier to exercise or workout. For example, one person may find that listening to loud music helps them stay motivated during their workout while another may not have the same reaction.

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