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Article: How to maintain fitness with work life?

maintain fitness with work life

How to maintain fitness with work life?

Most people are aware of the fact that healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising should be on their priority list. Regular exercise makes people more energetic, positive, creative, and productive. That way, it helps a professional to create an impact in the workplace and progress in life.

When people try to maintain fitness with work life, it isn't easy as it might appear sometimes. Balancing work and personal life can be daunting. Certain things such as managing a small team, dealing with clients, replying to emails, and so on brings in exhaustion.

And, falling into the trap that there is no time beyond work makes things even worse. However, in reality, people can balance fitness with work life. All they need is to accept a different mindset and follow a variety of exercise options to balance their work lives.

Why is it important to maintain fitness?

Fitness is extremely important for overall health. However, to remain fit doesn't mean that people should run a marathon or lift heavy weights. For an average person, fitness helps to live life to the fullest. Fitness contributes to emotional, mental, and physical health.

These aspects play an important role in physical wellbeing. For example, if someone is suffering from mental strain, it can cause heart attacks, digestive problems, strokes, and so on. But when the body is fit and well, the person won't suffer from any kind of physical ailments.

A healthy mind and body give a sense of purpose in life and reduce feelings of depression and lethargy. Also, being physically fit helps to keep blood pressure under control as well.

How to balance fitness with work life?

Maintaining fitness with work life is something that people should never ignore. While it is tricky to strike a balance between work and fitness schedule, here are some helpful tips that give the perfect balance between work and exercise.

Manage time from daily schedule

When it comes to juggling personal and professional life, things are a bit messy. So, planning for the right time for doing exercises helps. Here is how to schedule things.

  • Outline the activities for an entire day on a piece of paper. Try to find out the time where making room for a workout won't create issues.
  • Also, work out for some backup plans like rescheduling the workout for the next day.
  • Make it a commitment to engage in physical exercises within the selected time.

Make a list of the workouts

Because busy persons have a little amount of time at hand, it is wise to create a list of workouts for every day.

  • The list should include a variety of exercises so that it can give flexibility to the workout schedule.
  • A combination of strength and cardio training can be beneficial. For that, an hour and a half should be prefect.
  • Choose between strength and cardio if time is limited, say for about 30 minutes.
  • For people who can't manage more than 25 minutes, an ultra-fast workout should be perfect.

balance fitness with work life

Prepare a workout calendar and stick to it

After finding out the timings and list of exercises for the fitness regime, create a workout calendar.

  • Regular exercising by following the schedule on the calendar is helpful. And, creating that for a whole month can benefit in different ways. It helps to keep a track of whether the fitness regime went well. If not, work out the backup plans.
  • Attending an important meeting or visiting a doctor for a regular health checkup can hamper the workout session. But prior scheduling helps to take care of such things and reschedule exercise for another suitable time.

Get prepared well in advance

Getting ready for workouts ahead of time keeps people remain active mentally without having to encounter excuses.

  • After a tedious day at work, the thought of going home and getting ready for the gym is what makes many people refrain from following a fitness regime. A good way is to pre-pack the gym bag or wear the gym clothes before leaving the office.
  • For people who like to hit the gym before going to the office, they can bring the clothes such as leggings, tops, and toiletries to the gym. And, they can leave for the office from there.
  • When it comes to packing gym bags, certain things have to be packed in advance. Fill the gym bag with accessories and clothing that are necessary during the workout session. These items might include leggings, hand wraps, weight belts, timers, gloves, and tops.

Choose the right exercise machines

Large variants of cardio equipment are common in almost every gym. However, with little time at hand, it is wise not to experiment with all the equipment. Sticking to a specific one save time.

  • Because cardio exercises consume a lot of time, it is good to choose a few exercises and perform them to the fullest.
  • Seek help from the gym trainer and try new exercises on different cardio machines.
  • People who don't support the concept of doing cardio exercises inside the gym might do activities such as biking, jogging, or running.

Don't encourage boredom to take control

Most people get bored and stay away from physical exercises because they have been doing the same thing over again. Variety is a must when it comes to exercise and it keeps the level high. So, trying something new every week is a great idea.

  • Sometimes meeting up with friends at the gym raise the spirit high and it encourages a lot to continue the fitness journey.
  • With a variety of fitness exercises to choose from such as yoga, aerobic dancing, weightlifting, kickboxing, cardio, and so on, trying out something new more often is fun and doesn't get boring.
  • Instead of going solo, exercising in groups can be refreshing sometimes.
  • Asking family members, coworkers, or friends to the gym isn't a bad idea. It helps to keep spirits high.
  • Doing the same routine workout leads to burnout. The best way is to shuffle these exercises or the duration and see how it goes.
  • Sometimes walking outside for longer hours appears more interesting compared to lifting weights or doing aerobics at the gym.
  • Considering for a hiking trip or a long-distance bike ride, or a kayaking trip is an intuitive way of physical activity.

Eating the right foods

According to researches, eating the right foods or a healthy diet is the one that focuses more on nutritious foods such as dairy products low-fat, whole grains, vegetables, and fruits.

Also, it is important to consume lean meat, poultry, fish, nuts, beans, and eggs while limiting foods that are rich in salt and sugar. A healthy diet comprises foods that are high in saturated fats such as fatty portions of red meat and other processed foods.

Various studies have indicated not to skip meals including breakfast. Because of extreme stress at the workplace, people are attracted to junk foods. They are unhealthy and put barriers when people try to maintain fitness with work life.

Sleep smarter

Sleep is the foundation to balance fitness with work life. Having a good night's sleep can help in fitness routines and increase the performance level at the workplace. Like workouts, sleep should be scheduled to keep the work-life balance.

Several studies have shown that a good sleeping habit can help to keep the waistline under control. Moreover, sleep has an important role to play when it comes to increasing energy levels, productivity, creativity, and decision-making abilities.

Most people work for about 9 to 10 hours either during the daytime or nighttime. So, it is very important to have a good sleep to recharge the batteries and stay fit to maintain a work-life balance.

Six to seven hours of sleep keeps the body going through the day. It is an important aspect that helps people to set goals and always have a positive mindset. When people stay positive, they can remain fit throughout their life.

Try to leave work behind to maintain a work-life balance

With stressful lives, many people leaving the office aren't committed to leaving the stress behind at the office. Most of the time people find it hard to interchange between home mode and work mode. In short, they are unable to separate the two.

Bringing work life to home is similar to bringing negative situations at home and that can impact mood to a great extent. A negative mindset impacts wellbeing.

Therefore, everyone must unplug from work and try to recover from weekly stress by remaining fit. Both the body and mind need rest. When people remain fit, they can balance their work-life without hurdles.


So, it is not that hard to balance fitness with work life. The first and foremost important thing is to make this a top priority and things will sort out from that point. A healthy diet and a good exercising regime are the only to balance work-life. Everyone should understand that emotional and mental wellbeing is equally important as well.

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