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Article: 8 treadmill workouts that can make your cardio fun

8 treadmill workouts

8 treadmill workouts that can make your cardio fun

The treadmill is an excellent piece of equipment for your cardiovascular workout. It's easy to set up, doesn't require a lot of space, and provides lots of options for different types of exercises. But if you're not interested in running on the treadmill, it may seem like the only thing you can do with it is run. Fortunately, this isn't the case. Here are 8 treadmill workouts that will keep your cardio interesting.

1. Combine Two Exercises for a Great Workout

Sometimes, one exercise just isn't enough to get the blood pumping and to increase your heart rate. If you're not interested in running or walking on the treadmill, try using it as part of a superset with another exercise. That way, you can get two exercises for the price of one. For example, try doing a set of squats on the treadmill with an incline, then follow it up by doing pushups on the treadmill without an incline. Or try using your upper body to support your body weight as you run in place, followed up with some leg lifts. By adding in a set of exercises for your core to your cardio workout, you'll have the perfect combination of two great workouts.

By doing a set of squats with an incline, you can raise your heart rate and get a great workout. The treadmill gives you the option of doing two different exercises.

2. Add in Some Weight Training to Get a Great Full-Body Workout

The treadmill doesn't have to be used for cardiovascular exercise only. You can use it as part of your weight training routine, too. If you're looking for a good way to add some weight training into your workout, try setting the treadmill to a decline and doing some squats. Or try using a weighted vest while you run on an incline. By adding in weight training with the treadmill, you'll get a great full-body workout so that your whole body can feel the burn of exercise. And if you have access to a nautilus machine, you can even try adding in some chest presses on the treadmill. By combining two different kinds of equipment into one workout, your body will have to work harder to get the exercise it needs.

3. Use Your Body Weight for a Great Workout

The treadmill is known for being an excellent tool for cardio workouts, but did you know that you can also get a good workout using only your body weight? If you feel like you need to increase your activity level without adding in any extra equipment, try doing some step-ups on the treadmill. Or attempt high knees while propelling yourself forward with the belt of the treadmill. By adding in some jumping jacks or lunge jumps into your session, you'll be able to work up a good sweat with just your body weight.

While propelling yourself forward using the treadmill, try doing some jumping jacks or lunges for an intense workout that uses only your body weight.

4. The Lateral Walk Workout

You may not think of the treadmill as an excellent tool for working out your upper body, but if you're looking for a great workout that uses only your body weight, you need to try the lateral walk. For this workout, stand with one side of your body facing the front of the treadmill and hold on to either side. Then slowly begin walking sideways on the treadmill. Because you only have one point of contact with the belt, this workout really works your core as well as your upper body to keep you stable. As if that's not enough, lateral walks are also known for being an excellent exercise for increasing your agility and balance. If want a good way of strengthening your muscles without adding in any extra equipment, try the treadmill and the lateral walk.

For a great workout that requires no equipment except a stable surface, try using the treadmill for side steps.

5. The Butt-Kicker Workout

If you're looking for an excellent way to work your legs while improving your balance and coordination at home without having to rely on any equipment, you need to try the butt-kicker workout. For this routine, simply lean against the back of your treadmill and use it for support. Then lift one leg up behind you as high as you can without losing your balance or leaning too far forward on the belt. You can alternate between each leg for ten reps of each exercise. By working your legs and core muscles to keep you steady, the butt-kicker workout will strengthen your lower body without relying on any equipment. If you want a great workout that requires no other equipment except a stable surface, try the butt-kicker.

6. The 1 Mile Challenge Workout

The treadmill doesn't just have to be used for cardio workouts. If you're looking for a challenge and want to improve your stamina and endurance, it's time to try the 1-mile challenge. For this workout, set your treadmill at a low speed to start off with. Then gradually increase the speed every 2 minutes until you're running as fast as you can for one full mile. This is one of the best workouts for improving your cardiovascular endurance and stamina, but it's also a great way to push yourself into new limits when working out at home. You'll be able to monitor your progress as you improve from day to day, which makes this a great challenge for any fitness fanatic. If you're looking to add in some equipment-free workouts and challenge yourself, try the 1-mile challenge.

7. The Elevated Workout

For a workout that tones your legs while strengthening your core muscles, try this elevated treadmill workout. Using an aerobic step or thick book to add height, start off by walking at a mild pace with your hands in front of you for balance. Then every minute, increase your speed without changing your stride length. By adding in some uphill intervals to your workout, you'll be able to work out both your legs and core muscles at the same time with no extra equipment required. Plus, this is another great way of challenging yourself by making it more difficult over time as you improve. If you're looking for a great workout that only requires the use of your own body, try this elevated treadmill workout.

8. The Never-a-Flat-Moment Workout

When you're doing high-intensity workouts that include running, sprinting, or jogging, it's often hard to keep the treadmill belt moving smoothly without any bumping or jarring. To get around this problem and add some variety into your workout routine, try adding in sets of power-walk intervals. For this workout, start off by running at top speed for a minute. Then walk at a moderate pace until your heart rate goes down to around 50% of its max heart rate, then run again as fast as you can for a minute. Repeat this process four times and you have yourself a challenging workout that will improve both your leg muscles and your cardiovascular endurance. Plus, the power-walk intervals add that extra challenge you need to really push yourself into new limits. If you want a great workout that requires no other equipment besides your body, try the never-a-flat-moment workout.

There you have it! Eight treadmill workouts that require nothing more than the belt and deck of the treadmill itself, so get going and start working on those rockin' legs!

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